I haven’t felt much like sleeping so I decided to watch some Keeping Up Appearances and craft.

I was sewing a button on to a crocheted water bottle holder a couple of days ago and wound up spending almost five minutes trying to pry a needle out of the cheap little plastic case it came in.  Hence, the inspiration for my little sewing needle book was born.

I used cheap crafting felt for the body and pages of the booklet, as well as for the cherries.  The stems are embroidered a stem stitch and split stitch and the “binding” is a lazy daisy stitch.

  Cherry Galaxy needle book  

Now the needles slide out easily and with the booklet being about 3.5″ x 4″ it should be a lot easier to find!  I still have almost a full “page” that I can fill, which should come in handy when I find the rest of my embroidery needles.  Then I’ll have them all in one place and I can stop wasting my time searching and spend it crafting more!