I’m a little late with this post, but yesterday wasn’t a good day.  Around mid-day I started feeling flu like symptoms and spent the rest of the afternoon in bed.  I’m feeling a lot better now.

I never did get around to making any potholders, or those nifty hair turbans, but I did make a little muslin dress.

Everything started out great this morning.  I got my sewing machine out, all the little things like my rotary cutter, measuring tape, cutting mat.  Right after I’d cut my “pattern” is when I started feeling icky and called it quits.


    When I got up and got around without feeling like falling over, I finished this light little smock.  Please excuse the horrible photoshop job…I just didn’t want anyone to see my craft room wall because there’s so much junk hanging on it!

It’s not fashionable, and I probably won’t dare to go out in public in it, but it’s very comfortable and it breathes.  I’m thinking about dyeing it cornflower blue since I’ve still got some dye and I’m not a fan of tan.

After I finished the little shift I spun for a little while.  I first got in to spinning about a year ago and though I liked it, it wasn’t a craft I got instantly overjoyed with.  I put my spindle up and didn’t touch it for several months.  The funny thing is, the morning I got up and decided to spin some new yarn, I’d found that my puppy Moxie had annhiliated it!

R.I.P my pretty spindle

For some reason because I couldn’t spin, I desperately wanted to!  I remembered seeing a tutorial somewhere online for making a spindle out of cds!  I rushed to the computer and looked it up.  Literally five minutes later I had this:

Okay, so it wasn’t full of yarn after five minutes, but I had a spindle with a fantastic weight that looked pretty cool too!  Matter of fact, I think I can spin better yarn on it than my pretty one that I put hours in to making!  If anyone is interested, look up the instructions for making your own cd spindle here. (Warning…pdf file!)

I’m really looking forward to using the yarn I’m spinning.  You see the yarn that’s on my first spindle?  I still have it!  It was the first yarn I’d ever spun and I was so proud of it that I couldn’t find just the right pattern to make with it.  I’m going to get on that because it’s a shame it’s not been made in to something fabulous.

On the knitting front, I finished Heart from Knitty and I’ll be pinning it out tomorrow.  I’ll get pictures soon.

I’ll leave this long picture-filled post with another picture.  It was taken from the passenger side of our car on Sunday after a delicious lunch at our favorite chinese restaurant.  It’s of Bull Mountain in northern Arizona.  Too bad I couldn’t get a clearer shot without all the new developement cropping up.