Thirteen Things on my Desk

1. Scissors. I always keep a small pair of scissors on my desk to snip yarn with because that’s where I do most of my crafts.

2. A small jar of amaretto pecan honey butter. My best friend brought it back from Texas with her and it’s kind of made its home on my desk.

3. My address book. It holds every important phone number and address I’ve ever written down.

4. The Sims 2. I haven’t played this much, but when I do I become almost obsessive. That’s why I’ve only made three families lol!

5. My stuffed puppy I won at the fair last year. He sits upon my computer tower and every so often I’ll reach up and rub his ears because he’s so soft!

6. My puppys harness. She’s a strapping mutt and SO much easier to control with a harness. It wound up there after I readjusted it the last time.

7. A bottomless cup of coffee. I drink a lot of coffee and there’s almost always a cup sitting here.

8. A single size 10.5 knitting needle. I don’t knit with this…I scratch my back with it. What can I say? It does the job!

9. A crocheted potholder. I’m not sure how this ended up here, but chances are it’s from bringing a hot plate in during lunch one day.

10. A roll of Scott tissue. It’s good for sniffly noses or to wipe up spilled coffee…useful!

11. Neutrogena honey lip balm. Arizona dries out everything and I’m never far from a lip balm or chap stick.

12. Fiber-fill. I knit a little alien stuffie not long ago and the leftovers never made their way back to the box.

13. Our Nintendo Wii usb connector. We like to go online with our Wii sometimes, but often the connector gets unplugged so another usb cable can be plugged in. It sits quietly, begging to be plugged in and played.

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