What IS that?!

Why, they’re the fingers to Knitty’s Knucks!

I mentioned in another post that my hubbin’ needed some gloves for the upcoming winter.  He drives a forklift outside on and off through the day.  It’s not cold yet, but I figured I’d get a jump on it so he didn’t have to remind me in a month.


Pattern: Knucks, from Knitty by Pamela Grossman

Yarn: Lion Wool in Cadet Blue

Needles: Size 4 dpns

Time: October 7-October 9 (on and off)

Alterations:  The pattern calls for dk weight yarn.  Lion Wool is technically considered a worsted weight, but it really felt like more of a dk/light worsted.  The fabric created with the size four needles wasn’t too stiff so I decided to go with it.  Since my hubbin’ has really large hands it worked out perfectly because the yarn wound up being just a tiny over gauge.

A close up, just because I love the way the picture came out:

Next up on the needles?  The Hedgerow Coat from Interweave Knits Fall 2007.  My friends birthday is coming up in early November and I had her pick out a pattern she liked from half a dozen of the latest issues.  I hope I’m able to get it done before the 5th of November!