Thirteen Crafts I’ve yet to try1. Macrame. When I was younger I thought it was ugly because all I ever saw were owl wall hangings and gigantic plant hangers. I’ve since learned that there’s a whole slew of cool things that can be made using macrame!

2. Tablet Weaving. I have a few friends in the SCA that do this but I’ve never gotten past making the cards for it and then I got really really confused.

3. Lampworking. Again, I’ve seen friends do it but I’ve never tried and I think it’s amazing!

4. Pottery. I admit that my first thought when I think of using a potters wheel is that oh-so-famous scene in Ghost. I’d like to try my hand at making pottery, sans a spectral dirty dancer.

5. Woodworking, in general. There’s so many cool woodcrafts out there!

6. Dollhouse miniatures. The idea has always intrigued me, but I haven’t really known where to start. I had grand plans of my hubbin’ helping me build a doll house, but they never came to fruition. Maybe I’ll dig the plans out and give it another try!

7. Quilting. Now, this one’s a little fudgy. I’ve quilted, I have made a quilt, but I have never seriously quilted. I’d like to find a pattern I fall in love with and piece and quilt it by hand.

8. Silversmithing. I don’t know that I’ll ever have the opportunity, but I’d like to try it someday.

9. Spinning yarn with a wheel. I’ve used a drop spindle on and off for the past year, but what I REALLY want to try is a spinning wheel. I’ve heard great things about it.

10. Altering books. I dabbled in this when I was making ATC’s regularly, but just last night I sat down and decided to start working on my first altered book. It was a little scary at first to feel like I was “defacing” it, but I’m already having fun and can’t wait to try some new techniques.

11. Soap making. I’ve done the whole melt and pour thing, but what I’d really like to try is some cured soaps. Me and a friend went crazy one summer and bought all the supplies and checked every book we could out of the library but it just never happened.

12. Weaving. Admittedly, I don’t know a whole lot about weaving, but it intrigues me and I’d like to try it someday.

13. Doll Making. It kind of, sort of goes along with the whole doll house thing, but I want to learn how to make dolls eventually. Not just miniatures, but all different sizes. My mom has an old Madame Alexander doll and after helping her re-joint her first baby doll I became intrigued with the process.

Maybe someday I’ll tackle all of these crafts, maybe not. Either way it’s good to know that there will probably ALWAYS be a new craft waiting for me to try.

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