I usually don’t say this, but after the rotten weekend we’ve had, I am SO glad that it’s Monday!

Let’s see…I got sick with a head cold Friday morning around 1 am.  The piping under the kitchen sink sprung a serious leak and I spent the entire day with the water off trying to fix it.  Dear hubbin’ had it fixed within a half and hour of getting the supplies needed.  On Saturday hubbin’ had his company picnic and since I was sick I stayed home.  I got a call around 11 am from my mother in law that our radiator had blew up and he was stuck in the mountains at the picnic site!  We spent a few hours up there getting it replaced and my participation consisted of staying out of the way and trying not to fall over.  Ugh.

Needless to say, there will not be any yarn purchases or other frivolties for a few weeks since we used our bill/property tax money to take care of the cost of a new radiator.  I can live with this, as long as nothing else happens this month!

Okay, vent over, I’m ready to move on!

I don’t want to say it’s the only good thing to come out of this weekend, but one thing that perked me up was seeing this grasshopper!

I don’t really care for bugs all that much, but I really liked the way this little guy looked and decided to get a shot of him.  He’s hanging out on an old door in my in-laws back yard and he took off as soon as I was finished taking the picture. 

I’ve been plugging away at the Hedgerow Coat for my friend Shannon.  It’s looking okay, but to be honest I don’t care for it much.  I went with the size she was sure would fit and though I think it WILL fit, I also think it’s going to be more like a body hugging cardigan than a roomy, comfortable coat.  If she’s okay with that, I’m okay with that.  I’m also getting a little impatient.  I know that with all the cables and knit/purl pattern it’s not going to be a super-quick knit, but I’ve been working for hours every night on the back and I’m just starting the arm shaping now.  I think I’ve seriously put in about 50 hours worth of work on this since I started and it’s only been about a week.  Eek!  Good thing for late night sniffles that keep me up and TV on DVD, huh?

It does look really nifty with all the textures.  I’m using Caron Simply Soft Heather in Deep Plum.  I use acrylic fairly often and though I know that it’s not the ideal for sweaters, Caron Simply Soft is nice.  I’ve made a couple of sweaters in it and I actually really love it.