When I first got high speed internet I spent hours upon hours compulsively watching videos on youtube and listening to music on online stations (and podcasts!)  Hey, after about eight years of dial-up, wouldn’t you?

As the new wore off and I knew that my high speed wasn’t going to magically disappear I stopped searching for so much new stuff to watch, but I noticed a youtube update in my inbox and decided to go browse for a few minutes.  This video popped up when I searched for “knitting”.

It’s a little long, and unless you love the Benny Hill theme song you may want to keep your volume off. However, having never been around a knitting machine in real life, I was completely in awe while watching. I know it’s been sped up, but I read the comments and the woman who posted it says it takes her about 45 minutes to make them and around 30 minutes to sew the seams up. So fast! Personally I prefer NO seams at all on my socks so it’s not really something I’m looking in to trying but I’ve heard wonderous things about making sweaters in a day. How cool is that?!

Eventually there are a lot of little (and not so little) goodies I’d like to get to aid in my complete crafting destruction crafting lifestyle. Such as:

A spinning wheel. I’ve never used one, don’t really know a thing about them, but I want one nonetheless. I like using a drop spindle, but it usually takes me ages to not only spin, but ply, get it off the darn thing and actually DO something with it. The last stuff I spun is still sitting on my spindle and I haven’t touched it in probably a month; mainly because I know I still need to spin enough to ply it, then spin the plies together, etc. etc.

An honest to goodness sewing table. Something large enough to cut fabric on one area of it, while still leaving room for my sewing machine and accessories. I’ve put off really doing anything about this because of room, plus not doing much sewing lately. But if I don’t have room, why would I sew? It’s a catch 22.

Proper storage. I know it’s not a “tool” per se, but it has it’s place. I would love some enclosed shelving to store yarn/fabric/notions in. Living in Arizona, the dust never stays outside. I pulled the carpet up in our dining room when re-decorating and there was SO.MUCH.DUST. That’s just what filtered down through the carpet in the years this place has been around. The stuff just sticks to everything, including the walls. I thought I’d be clever and paint one of our bedroom walls black. Thus far I’m regretting it because you can see every speck of dust that lands on it. Anyway, back on topic, I’d LOVE some proper storage. Something clean and neat that you can see through.

A large area to pin out/block knit items. For now, most of my stuff gets pinned out on towels laid down on the floor. The towels protect the project from any random dog hair that may be on the floor, but not from the dogs walking all over them! We don’t have a lot of doors in our place, it’s a pretty open lay-out, so I use the bedroom when I know whatever I’m blocking will be dry before bed-time. It’s a little tricky.

There’s a ton more stuff, but I think I’ll stop there for now. I mainly wanted to post something (because I felt like writing!) but didn’t feel like updating with a lot more pictures of “THE COAT” unfinished. I am happy to say that I finished the left front and am halfway through the right front since I last posted about it. I’m starting to think I may actually have enough yarn to finish the sweater, and that makes me very very happy! I am thinking about taking a day off to just work on some random things though. I need a break I think.

Congrats to anyone who actually made it through all that babble! You get an e-cookie!