Thirteen Things I love about Ravelry

I finally got my invite to Ravelry yesterday, so my mind is swimming with all the great stuff about it! In honor of my new addiction I present 13 things I love about Ravelry!

1. Ravelry is a fantastic new site in it’s Beta stage where knitters and crocheters can gather.

2. You have a “Notebook” where you can catagorize your projects, yarn, books, needles/hooks so you can get really organized!

3. There is a pattern area where you can browse by tags to find new things to make.

4. You can check out the yarn section to find new yarns you haven’t tried or substitutes for ones you don’t like/can’t afford.

5. You can meet new people and friend them.

6. There are forums of all sorts to ask questions and give advice.

7. There are groups up the wazoo and if you don’t find one you’re looking for, you can start your own!

8. You can find just about anything and if you can’t, chances are there’s someone there that can help you find it.

9. It’s new and shiny to me and I can spend hours looking at new things.

10. It feeds my fiber/pattern/knitting/crochet addiction!

11. It’s free!

12. You have to wait for your invite once you sign up since there’s so many people joining, but it’s worth it!

13. It takes so many of the things I love and puts it in one place. It’s handy, dandy and super awesome so anyone that crochets or knits should definitely sign up!

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