It kind of feels like all I’ve been talking about lately and working on is the Hedgerow Coat.  Now that I’m really down to the wire with only eight days to go before Shannon’s birthday, I’m really eating, sleeping and breathing that thing!

Over the weekend I knit a sleeve, finished it and started the second one.  Normally I would do both at the same time so I could make sure they matched up perfectly but I needed to really pay attention to my increases because of the pattern.  I figured doing one at a time would be the best way to go.  I took a few notes though so I think I’ll be able to do the second one identically.

After casting off on the first sleeve I decided to take a break from the cabling and do a quick, couple hour project.  One of my friends from Ravelry designed a really cool dishcloth and I was itching to try it.

You can get the pattern on her livejournal page.  I loved making this!  It’s a little fiddly to work with all those dpns flopping around in the beginning, but it’s construction is so unique and fun!  You work from the small square in the center out.  I’m not really happy with my color choices, because I think there’s too much of a contrast between the varigated and solid yarns, but now that I’ve tried it I can make more in different color combinations.  It was a GREAT way to give myself a break without wasting too much time on “THE COAT” lol.

I think I’ll be a lot calmer after this project is done.  I feel a little bad because I feel like I’m bitching about working on it, but that’s really not it.  I mainly feel like I took on way too large a project with way too little time to really enjoy the process.  What can I say though?  I wanted to do something truly fantastic for my best friend for her birthday.  You only get one a year.

I’m currently on the ribbing for the cuff of the second sleeve.  When this sleeve is finished I have to sew the pieces together and then add the front bands and collar.  I think I can do that in eight days, don’t you? 

Ugh.  Please say yes!