It’s been quiet around here.

A lot of times when I finish a large project I can’t seem to get back in the flow right away.  There’s a flurry of pattern searches and ideas and a lot of times I start little things just to leave them abandoned.  I’m not sure why that is except that maybe I’m still in WORK mode and it takes a while to power down.  Great.  My mind is like an old Tandy computer.  Ha…remember those?  We have one sitting in our garage.

Over the weekend we got a new freezer.  It’s not a huge one, I think it’s 15.5 cubic feet.  It’s perfect for the two of us.  Now I can finally start buying things on sale and stocking up.  We’ve only had our little above fridge freezer for the past several years and there’s just so much it will hold.  I’m looking forward to being a little more frugal now and times when I want to bake bread I won’t feel it’s a waste to do just one loaf, I can make several and freeze them.

I also used a pressure cooker for the first time.  I won’t lie…I was scared!  My mom bought herself a new one and gave me the one she’s had since I was little.  It’s in perfect working order but I kept expecting it to explode!  I went online to edumacate myself and read about all these pressure cookers blowing up.  My curiosity won though and I made Roast Chicken Genovese.  I pretty much hovered over the stove the entire time it was cooking but everything was fine.  I’m so glad I tried it though because it was wonderful!  Half and hour and I had a chicken that was falling off the bone; you can’t go wrong!  I’m looking forward to using it often.

I did start and finish a few projects over the weekend.  I belong to a dishcloth a week group on ravelry and was able to make a dishcloth just in time for last week and one that just started yesterday.


The one on the left is a palm tree cloth, the one on the right is called “DW”.  You can get the patterns by clicking on the pictures.  The palm tree one is a .doc though, so unless you have Microsoft Office it won’t open.

I never used to get the appeal of knit or crocheted dishcloths but I love them now.  They wash up wonderfully, the textures help scrub and they’re pretty to look at and fun to make.  My friend Jen in Nebraska loved the ones I sent her a couple of years ago so I thought I would make up several and send them to her for a Christmas/birthday gift in December.  With the dishcloth a week group it keeps me motivated and I get others handing me patterns to try!  Win/Win 😀

I started a pair of Corazon mittens for my mother in law.  I don’t know that she’ll use them to be honest, but I couldn’t think of anything else to make her!  She doesn’t wear sweaters, I gave her a throw blanket last year, so if anything, at least she’ll ooh and ahh about the fair isle.

I’m almost finished with the first mitten, but this is the most recent picture I’ve taken.  They’re just beautiful and I’ve learned to love doing strand work by making these.  I started a pair for myself last year but only finished the first glove…these have re-interested me in the pattern and I hope to finish a pair for myself as well.