I decided to make some cookies to go with my coffee this morning.  Crocheted ones of course!  A few days ago I posted a video that someone had done for YouTube on how to make cute little fortune cookies out of crocheted rounds.  I couldn’t pass it up, they’re adorable!

These are made in chenille yarn reclaimed from a sweater I bought at a thrift store.  I’ve had it in my stash for a couple of years now and had no idea what to make with it because it’s thinner in some places and there’s no such thing as stitch definition with this stuff.  I’m glad I finally found something to use it on!  Best part is that the color brings to mind perfectly toasted (but not burnt) fortune cookies!

I used an H hook and just did five rounds, increasing every stitch first round, every other stitch second round, every three stitches third row, so on and etc.  I can see doing a super giant fortune cookie and actually putting small toys or candies in it.  Or a face on it.  A big cute anime-eyed face.  I dunno…I could go on and on about these.

Gutter decided last night that there was absolutely NO other place that could cushion his old regal butt except one of my yarn stash totes.  He barely tolerated me taking his picture but in the end decided that he couldn’t be bothered to move so he could maul me.