I don’t have much time, but wanted to come post really quick since it’s been almost a week.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all!  Last week was a blur of Snickerdoodles and preparation.  On Tuesday I made about 300 or so cookies.  Yeah..insane.  I can’t GIVE them away quick enough.  There’s currently a gallon jar and a container that holds 15 pounds of flour left.  Crazy.

On Thanksgiving we went to my parents house.  We deviated from the norm and had baby back ribs and barbeque chicken.  Not really my thing because I really love traditional, but I was out-voted.  Even though it wasn’t turkey though it was really good.  My mom makes this barbeque sauce that is really great…I’ll have to get the recipe!

This whole weekend has gone by in a blur.  Paul and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning on Friday and Saturday to play video games.  We rented Super Mario Galaxy (which is really really fun and a total trip to play!) and we bought Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on Wednesday.  It’s a lot of fun but not quite what we expected.  I still foresee many nights of zombie killings though.  I’ve also been doing a TON of knitting.  I’ve got Paul’s Transformers toque about done and I’m almost done with two sweater fronts for a friends’ girls.  I had a duh moment and left one of them at my mom’s house on Thanksgiving but Paul should be about there to pick it up for me.

Anyway, I’m on a mad dash to clean the kitchen and living room.  I promised myself that I would start decorating for Christmas tomorrow.  I’ll be the only one to enjoy it since it’s not really Paul’s thing, but I figure I’m worth it.

One other thing.  Year before last I lost a lot of my Christmas stuff.  Ornaments, my tree skirt, lights, paper, etc.  Without getting to much in to it I’ll just say that my storage system did NOT work as planned and everything sustained water damage.  I’m going to make it a point this year, no matter how busy I am, to make at least one decoration per day.  Whether it be clay, knit, crochet, paper, I’m taking on a personal challenge to attain at least 24 Christmas decorations.  I think it’ll be pretty hard but I’m looking forward to the challenge and it will help me recoup some of my loss.  I spent too much time last year agonizing over all my heirlooms so this year I’m going to make new ones.

Okay, I really need to get going.  Books and movies and games are not going to organize themselves.