Thirteen Things I need to do this week to prepare for Christmas!

1. Put up the tree!

Now that it’s just my husband and I, I’m the one that puts up the tree because he’s not all that in to decorating. I use a fake tree, which works well for me because I never have to worry about it being to heavy to heft in by myself! I’ll get the lights up on the tree the same day.

2. Finish at least two gifts.

I knit…a LOT. I step it in to high gear during the holidays and I’ve got a huge queue of projects. This week I hope to finish a baby sweater for a friends daughter and the other fair isle mitten for my mother in law!

3. Begin my ornament challenge!

I lost about two-thirds of my christmas ornaments year before last when my storage system failed and water damage ate everything. I’m challenging myself to make at least 24 ornaments this year, from the 1st of December ’til the 24th. Wish me luck!

4. Bake!

Or more like begin preparations to bake. I need to start stocking up again since my baking supplies always take a blow during Thanksgiving! Chocolate chips, peanut butter and the requisite flour and sugar are low.

5. Start planning my shopping excursions.

I know, a lot of people are already finished! Every year I plan to start early and every year I’m left planning at the beginning of December. Luckily, I hand-craft most of my gifts and my list for buying is pretty small but it still warrants some consideration!

6. Cards!

I’d like to make a few holiday cards for my closest friends and family this week. I only need about a dozen, the rest can be store-bought. I’m thinking something white, with shades of blue, origami or snowflakes πŸ™‚

7. Cleaning!

I’m doing some deep cleaning to get in to the holiday spirit. The cleaner my house is, the happier I am and the more I can enjoy what I’ve already decorated. Floor scrubbing is in my future!

8. Me time.

I need to remember to take a break and relax every now and again. If I don’t remind myself I don’t and then I wonder why I’m so stressed out and grumpy!

9. Get in Touch.

Sometimes I get so busy during this time I forget what it’s all about. I need to make a point to get in touch with a couple of close friends and see if we can spend some time together.

10. Blog!

Busy is the biggest theme here, isn’t it? When I get busy I forget about my blog. This makes me sad because I ENJOY blogging and i don’t like falling out of touch with the few bloggers that actually visit!

11. Decorate my blog!

I’ve been meaning to do this for the past week, but I’ll definitely get to it this coming week. I really really love Christmas and I want my blog to reflect that.

12. One-on-One.

I want to spend a night or two just hanging out with my hubby. A lot of times we’re both tired when he gets home from work and I’ll knit and stay on the computer while he’s zoning on the couch watching TV. This week I want to you know, actually interact with him! We always have a blast when we play board games/video games together so I think some popcorn, a game and some snuggly clothes are in order!

13. Take notice.

I want to enjoy seeing the holiday take hold. Go out to see some of the lights the early-birds have put out, check out one of the parades that’ll be held down-town. Get a picture or two of the cute little banners the city puts up on the light posts.

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