December 2007

Anyone have anything grand planned for tonight?  We’re going over to my parents house for prime rib and movies…fun!  I kinda miss my days of Miller High Life and kissing everyone in the room at midnight, but at least I won’t have a hangover tomorrow!

I haven’t been doing any big crafting the past week.  Just kind of knitting and crocheting whatever I feel like.  That always feels so strange after a holiday craft fest of craziness.  I kinda feel lost a little.  I’ve finished a few things though.

These were both for the weekly dishcloth knitalong I belong to on Ravelry.  The first one is just a classic ballband dishcloth by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne.  I thought the colors would look really earthy and awesome together, but I hate the Camel color.  It’s all yellowy and sick looking.  Like BILE!  I love the ballband cloth though, it’s so cool looking!  I’ll just have to remember to stay away from that nasty color.


The other one is a little hard to see, but I love it.  It’s the Awareness Ribbon Dishcloth by Donna Burgess.  I chose to do mine in purple for violence awareness.  As I was knitting it I thought about the years my mom spent with my abusive biological father and what she sacrificed to make a better life for my sister and I.  I never thought I’d put that much thought in to something that will scrub dishes.  I’m glad I did it though and it was nice to put a little thought in to something I usually view as utilitarian.

I must have kitchen stuff on the brain right now (a clue to do my dishes maybe?) because I also wound up crocheting a Double Thick Crocheted Potholder by Andrea Mielke Schroer.

I love these potholders SO much.  I’d kind of forgotten about them but was reminded about how great they were when I came across the pattern on ravelry.  I did in-home care for a woman named Bonnie back in 2001.  She was an incredible person and I was just really getting in to crocheting things other than granny squares when I started taking care of her.  She showed me how to make these nifty little potholders one day and I instantly fell in love with how well they work.  These things DO NOT fall apart!  I still use the first one I made every day and other than being a little stained from spilled food it’s still in perfect condition.  The only thing I can suggest you do NOT do is make them out of anything but cotton.  I made one out of acrylic in my early days and that was a terrible mistake.  Acrylic doesn’t do well around heat.  We’ll just leave it at that, k?

I’ve got a couple of other things started, but they’ll both take a good long time to complete.  One is the Daina Mittens by Tuulia Salmela and the other is a scrap afghan done diagonally.

The Daina mittens are done on size 1 needles and sock yarn and they’re absolutely gorgeous but there’s two things getting in the way of me finishing them.  One: they’re for me, so they’ve been sitting back burner.  Two: They’re fair isle (or latvian?  gah, I really need to learn the difference between all this stuff) and that, paired with the tiny needles and yarn makes for slow work.  They’re gorgeous though, so even if I don’t finish them until next winter I’ll get them done.

The stash-ghan is just a simple diagonal knit afghan that I’m doing to use up scrap yarn.  I’ve had some of this stuff for five, six, seven years and I’m tired of looking at it.  I can’t throw it away, that’d be sacrilege.  So, it’s turning in to an ugly blanket to be used on the coldest of days lol.  Despite it being all thrown together, I’m kinda digging it.  Colors I’d never think about putting together are being mashed in to this blanket and even if it’s a little hard on the eyes, I’m enjoying the process.  It’s garter stitch so it’s completely mindless knitting and I don’t even have to think about what color to add next because I just blindly pluck a ball from a bag sitting beside my chair.  Awesome!  I’m doing a russian join as I add new yarn and I’m pleased with how it looks.  This way I’m knitting all the way to the end of the ball and there’s absolutely no waste whatsoever.  It makes me happy!  It’s kind of fun to pull out a ball of yarn and say “Hey!  I remember what I made with that!”  The bright green was my little alien stuffie, the pink went in to a baby sweater, the rainbow was a dog sweater, etc, etc. 

So, even though I said I hadn’t been up to much, now that I made a list and showed pictures I’ve shown myself I was wrong.  Now, I really do need to get to those dishes before Paul gets home or else I won’t get another chance until Wednesday when he’s back at work!

*EDIT* – Ugh.  Sorry for the weird layout of the pictures…wordpress is being a pain in the ass right now.


Doesn’t it just figure that right after Christmas our thermostat on the car starts acting up AND the heater in the house miraculously stops working this morning?

*Edit* – My dad is amazing.  He was able to figure out what was going on with our heater and fix it! 

I almost forgot!  I changed my layout, which I’m sure is obvious, but wanted to add that the comments area is at the top of the posts now.  I always get confused with that when I visit blogs, so I thought I’d toss it out there.

The title sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

As I said previously (my last post?), Paul and I opened our gifts on Saturday.  I wasn’t expecting it, but Paul’s parents came over to watch us open everything and I was completely caught off guard!

Pretty much all I’ve wanted all year, besides crafty stuff, is a Nintendo ds lite and Super Princess Peach.  I don’t even LIKE the color pink for the most part, but when I saw they’d come out with a pink ds I hadda have it!  Alas, my dreams were dashed when I was told that it just wasn’t in the budget.  So, I wasn’t expecting to open all this:

Not only did the booger get me my shiny, beautiful ds lite, but he also got me the Super Princess Peach game, Resident Evil Deadly Silence (which I absolutely LOVE, RE is so much fun!), a Strawberry Shortcake game (the instruction manual is strawberry scented lol!) and March of the Penguins.  He also bought me the Princess Peach tin that came with a case (hot pink, no less), pink headphones, 3 different stylus’ and a vinyl Princess Peach skin.  What a haul!  Having not expected ANY of this it was a huge surprise!

I got Paul the Spiderman trilogy since he LOVES Spiderman.  I know they’re going to be making more, but we didn’t own any of them and now seemed to be as good of a time as any to pick them up.  I also got him the super special, loaded dvd of Transformers because he’s still a 10 year old at heart and goes ga-ga over anything to do with them.  I think he liked the Transformers hat even more than getting the movie!  I also picked him up the cd/dvd of Good Times, Bad Times by Godsmack.  He was at the concert where they filmed the dvd and I about had a heart attack from laughing when I saw him with his arms thrown up in the air and silently saying “Holy fuck” as the camera went right over him!  His big gift was a new mp3 player.  His old one was MY old one and it only held about 30 songs or so.  He’s intimidated by my 30 gig, so I got him a 2 gig with a little screen.  It has all the bells and whistles, but an easy interface so he’s been listening to it pretty much non-stop all this time.

After his parents went home I finished cooking dinner and we just spent the rest of the day vegetating, watching movies, playing with our new toys and then eating way too much turkey/mashed potatoes/cranberry sauce.  It was awesome 😀

For some reason I couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve.  We went to bed around 2:30 in the morning and I layed in bed until 4 am.  I finally said screw it and got up because I hate just laying around.  I have to keep my hands busy or my mind goes a billion miles a minute.  I decided that since all my Christmas crafting was finished I would finally find a project to work on for myself that didn’t have a deadline.  I started a fair isle snowflake hat for myself since everybody and their mom gets warm handknits from me and I still don’t even have a pair of fingerless gloves to warm my poor wittle hands with!  I put it down after four rounds lol!

I went to bed at 7:30 on Christmas morning and had to get up to get ready to go to my mom and dad’s house at 9 am.  I dragged myself out of bed, downed a 32 oz cup of coffee and we made it over there only 20 minutes late.  We took Transformers over for my Dad to watch (yes, he’s perpetually 10 years old too!) and after we had some pull-apart bread for breakfast we opened our gifts.

Now, I’m going to be really honest here.  I’ve spent most of my life knowing that I was second best to my sister.  I’ve also spent most of my life thinking that my Mom didn’t really care about me because she’s never really shown it.  That’s why it was no big surprise when she handed me a candle and said Merry Christmas.  I wasn’t expecting more and when she handed me a second bag I was a little surprised.  I opened it up and there was a letter on top.  I won’t go in to it here because it was pretty personal, but below the letter was her Madame Alexander doll.

My mom was born in 1943.  Her parents bought her this doll when she was 13 and it was the last childhood toy she recieved.  She’s kept it all these years and every so often she would take it out and tell me about it.  I helped my Mom re-joint her when I was 14 because she was so old that the elastic bands holding her together disintegrated.  I never in a million years would have expected this gift from her, because frankly I didn’t think she felt I was worthy of it.  It’s the only gift I’ve recieved in my entire life that made me cry and the letter that she put with it means as much to me as the doll.  I really can’t even explain the emotions that I had when it hit me that maybe my Mom loves me more than I give her credit for and maybe she’s just not very good at showing it most of the time.

I’d say it was an amazing Christmas after all, and I’m glad that the nasty bah humbugs that were plaguing me a few days before were completely wiped out.  The coolest thing was that it wasn’t all about the gifts, there were some good emotional things going on as well.  This Christmas is the first one of my adult life where I haven’t felt disappointed in some way.  I know that sounds selfish, but I don’t mean it that way.  I’m just glad that I got a little inside look at how my Mom thinks.  You’d think after almost 30 years that I’d have gotten it by now, but it’s just not that clear cut with my Mom and I.

I hope everyone out there had a great Christmas too.  I’ll be looking forward to hearing about it in your blogs, hint, hint!

Hey!  I just wanted to write a quick post and wish everyone a very merry Christmas (and Yule!)  I’m probably not going to get the chance to post again until after Tuesday (though don’t quote me on that.)

I got my shopping done today, FINALLY.  I got Paul some really great stuff and I hope he loves it all.  I got about three or so hours of sleep last night and I’ve been up shopping and wrapping and drinking ridiculously copious amounts of coffee to keep going.  I love this time of year but I’m always happy for it to draw to an end.

We’ll be doing our gifty stuff tomorrow afternoon since we’ll be running around on Christmas day to visit family.  Paul’s work was kind enough to give out turkeys, pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce, and all sorts of other stuff so dinner’s figured out for tomorrow for me.  Nice!  My honey is home for the next four days and that’s an added bonus.  I’m finally starting to de-stress and it feels good.

I’ll leave you with a picture of our finished tree.  I just added some candy canes to it!  Don’t mind all the stuff in the background, that corner is the biggest area of free space we have!  (Oh, and the tree really isn’t crooked, promise)

Happy holidays!  I hope it’s a wonderful time for everyone!

Man.  I think I’m going to have to admit defeat and wave the white flag on this ornament challenge.  My mojo is gone.

I’ve still got some great ideas, but every time I pick up my supplies I just kind of sigh and put them back down.  I’m all outta steam.  I am crafted out.

Now watch, once I’ve admitted defeat my drive will come back.  I’ll go with it though.  I just can’t do it right now.

I’m starting to think that the bah-humbugginess I’m surrounded by is really getting to me.  I’m not blaming every one else, it’s my own fault for letting it get to me, but it is.  I talked with my mom for an hour on the phone yesterday and she all but admitted to me that she only bothers decorating and getting in to the Christmas spirit when my sister comes to visit.  I asked her about me being here year ’round and she said “Well, that’s different.”  Yeah, that wasn’t a blow to my esteem.  My mother in law was supposed to come over and bake sugar cookies with me and she had to call and cancel because of her back.  My husband wants to open gifts on Saturday instead of Christmas day because we’ll have to wait all weekend and he’s got to go back to work on Wednesday.  No one will go Christmas light driving with me, watch any Christmas movies with me.  I feel like a big pouting baby and that makes me feel even worse!  I know that no one close to me really cares that much about the holidays so why does it bother me so much?

I think I’m just going to pop in a Christmas Story, have some hot cocoa and stop having a pity party.  It’s all what you make of it, right?

I’m just gonna be honest…I don’t feel like doing an ornament today. 

Typing that was a lot easier than I thought it would be!

I still want to go ahead with my challenge, but I’ll just have to make an extra one on another day.  I’m just crafted out at the moment!  I was looking at my project page on ravelry and realized that 17 of the 36 projects I’ve logged on there have been started and/or finished this month!  That’s not even counting the non-knitted and crocheted projects I’ve done.  Holy smoke!

As I’m sure many of the people that read this blog regularly have noticed, I’m obsessive compulsive.  To a point I enjoy being so because I get things done.  Unfortunately, I’m obsessive about crafting, not so much house cleaning or any mundanely useful thing.  That’s where the Chaotic part came in to play if you haven’t figured it out!  I consider it a blessing and a curse.  I never used to think it was that big of a deal; until I’d take a break from the whirlwind of yarn and needles and paint and paper and I was left gasping for breath.  Sounds a little over the top, doesn’t it?  It’s true though.

I started this blog specifically for my crafting and I tend to leave out a lot of my personal life because, well, it’s messy.  I’ve noticed that a lot of my posts are plastic, to the point and detatched.  I hope no one has taken offense to that, it’s just that I have a hard time opening up and to be perfectly honest, opening up has never gone so well for me.  I’ve run in to a lot of nutjobs online and I guess I figured that if I kept things focused hard enough on one thing that I’d not have to worry about getting to know anyone too well.

I’ve met a few really wonderful people though.  People with *gasp* nothing scary-wrong with them.  It’s a renewal in my faith for humanity!  I know that sounds so over the top, but it’s true.  It feels good to talk to really nice people that don’t have alterior motives, who haven’t played mind games with me and don’t want more from me than I can give.  So thanks guys, you know who you are.

Sorry if I’ve come off a little nuts myself.  I start thinking about something and it just kind of spews out like vitriol.  It feels kind of good to get all that off my chest, though I don’t suspect it’ll happen all that often.  Oh, and if for any reason you notice me brushing serious stuff off with comedy (bad comedy at that) it generally means that it’s gotten to me more than I care to admit.

Still wanna be my friend after all that?

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