I’m feeling very productive today!

I just finished my first Christmas ornament for my personal challenge:

I’m not sure exactly what to call it.  I used to see these types of ornaments all the time when I was younger and always thought they were really nifty looking.  Basically you cut 1.5″ or so squares of fabric and punch them in to a styrofoam ball.  I just eyed the fabric, didn’t measure and it turned out really great.  I probably should have used a two inch ball for this, but all I had was three inch ones.  I used a skewer and dipped the center of fabric in to glue before I punched it in to the ball so I knew it would hold.  It reminds me of a rose pomander.

I also crossed another project off my list!  I finished Suzi’s Christmas sweater last night.  Suzi is a friends baby girl and this will be her first Christmas!

I used this simple little top-down cardigan pattern and made a few small changes.  I worked the sleeves in the round so the sweater would have no seams at all.  There was a little hole in each armpit that had to be sewn up, but other than that there weren’t any pieces to put together…just the way I like it!  I chose to do grey and pink (with grey being the main color) because Suzi’s big sister will have a cabled sweater that’s mainly in pink with grey as the contrast color.

With my first Christmas ornament and a gift down I’m feeling pretty motivated!  I’m hoping to finish my mother in laws mittens in the next day or so since I’ve only got about half a mitten to go.  After that I’ll work on Ash’s sweater and pick a project for my father in law.  Yep, that’s right…I still don’t even have all the PATTERNS picked out, much less started.

What can I say?  I work great under pressure!