I forgot that it was Thursday so no Thursday 13 for me.  I can’t think of anything, I’ve got Christmas on the brain!

My ornament muse came early this morning.  This ornament was a mix of an idea I saw on a website with my own personal touch.

I got the idea from this site and added some various beads.  I kind of like the chaos!  I probably could have made it a little neater, but that wouldn’t have been much fun!

Christmas presents are coming…at a snails pace it seems.  I started a pair of fingerless mitts for my father in law and have one of them about 3/4 of the way done.  Ash’s sweater is coming along VERY slowly, mainly due to the fact that I’m tired of cabling and I’m just barely starting the sleeves.  I LOVE the look of cables but don’t particularly enjoy doing them.  You think I would have learned that when I made the Hedgerow coat!

I found out that a friend of ours from Las Vegas is going to be coming to visit sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Because we weren’t expecting any guests I haven’t been bending over backwards cleaning the house…I guess it’s time to start!  It’s mainly clutter that I need to worry about as there seems to be stuff just everywhere.  I’m also wondering when my mother in law is going to finally come over to bake…I’ve been waiting for weeks! 

Busy busy bee.  I think I’m finally starting to feel a little holiday stress lol.