For the life of me I couldn’t get a good picture of this ornament on the tree.  So I took a scan of it instead.

It’s technically a star since snowflakes only have six points, but it’s snowflake-like. 

I used a star (snowflake) pattern from this site on a poly binder divider.  It’s a super-thin plastic that I thought would work well for this since I wanted something thin but more durable than paper.  I folded it, traced the pattern and then used an exacto-knife to cut it out.  Then I put it on a towel, covered it with another towel and used my iron to warm it up enough to take out most of the fold-lines.  I brushed it with Mod Podge and then covered it (and by covered I mean made a mountain) with glitter.  I let it dry, tapped off all the excess glitter and poked a hole for a hanger.  Super simple, but impressive when all the lights are behind it making it glitter.

Now I’m working on the dishcloth a week pattern from one of my ravelry groups, and after I’m done with that I need to finish a few spa cloths that I’m making for gifts.  I’ve scrapped the sweater I was making for my friends daughter because for some bizarre reason I’m unable to get the sleeves right on the stupid thing.  I think I may make her some fingerless gloves or something.  Somewhere in there I’ll have to fix a meal for us because you know, food gives energy and I need energy for all this crafting business.

Hope everyone’s weekend has gone good!