I’m not going to get around to doing an ornament today (or tomorrow either most likely) but I’ve not given up the good fight!

A friend of ours from Vegas is coming for a visit tomorrow and I’ve got to finish her gift, like now!  I started it a little whiole ago, but since we’re not going to see her again before Christmas I’ve got to have it done to give to her before she leaves.  I’m doing these fingerless gloves and I think she’ll really like them.  We’re just going to spend the day visiting and catching up, watching Christmas movies and crafting.  She was always my crafting buddy when she was living here and I’ve kind of missed that!  So chances are I WILL do an ornament (or two, or three) tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ll be posting at all until at least Thursday.  I’m especially happy that I’ll finally have someone around that really enjoys celebrating the spirit of Christmas with me.

She’ll also be bringing her dog with her.  Snitch (yes, like the golden snitch from the Harry Potter series) is a sweet dog, but very puppy-like.  I’m really hoping her and Moxie will get along, but I’ll be taking precautions in case they don’t.  Cordova will be so excited to see his old play pal.

Now I’m going to listen to the Stash and Burn podcast, knit like a mad-woman and try to figure out what to take out for dinner.  If I get the chance I’ll post some of the quiz results from the fun quizzes I took last night.