I’m really late posting today!  I stayed up all night finishing a fair isle hat for my father in law and then slept in late late late.  It’s called the Fake Isle Hat and it’s a free pattern from Magknits.

It was a really quick knit, but as I cast on for it at about 9pm last night, it took until the wee hours of this morning to finish.  I’m not wild about the striping, I should have planned it out better, but I like the overall kind of stained glass look of it.  I’ll have to try the pattern again one of these days with the suggested yarn.

Another reason I’m late with my ornament today is because I made two.  I originally crocheted a snowflake, but didn’t take in to account that it needed to be stiffened before I could hang it on the tree and take a picture.  That will be for tomorrow.  Today’s ornament is cute though!

I really like how this turned out!  I made knitting needles out of bamboo skewers and knit a little seed stitch swatch on them.  I capped them off with purple clay and then wound a little ball of yarn to hang down between the stitches.  Considering my overwhelming obsession with knitting I think it’s the perfect addition to our tree 🙂

Ugh.  I still have to cook dinner and I’m starving!  I’m going to roast a huge ham tomorrow and I’ll be starting it early in the morning so it can slow roast all day.  That way I won’t have to worry about it being almost 6pm and not having dinner even started!