Like I mentioned in last nights post, I finished this little snowflake yesterday but had to let the stiffener dry.

I didn’t see it when I was putting it on the tree, but it looks like I AM going to have to get some rustless pins.  Drat.  You can barely see the little rust stains on the picots, but I know it’s there and that drives me crazy!  Maybe I’ll get some in my stocking.  heh.

I used Bev’s 15 minute snowflake pattern and yep, it’s really that quick!  I did go up to a size 5 steel hook instead of the size 8 recommended, but I really don’t see a huge difference in size.  I forgot how much I liked thread crochet!

I’ve got to make a run to the electric company today.  Our bill was a week late and they sent us a shut off notice!  The problem is that they waited until three days before the shut off notice to notify me, and two of those days were the weekend!  Grr.  I suppose I can’t get my panties too bunched up because I knew it was due, but the last time my bill was late (about a year ago!) there wasn’t that strict of a due date.  sigh.  It’s getting taken care of, but it’s just one more thing to stress about, you know?