I’m just gonna be honest…I don’t feel like doing an ornament today. 

Typing that was a lot easier than I thought it would be!

I still want to go ahead with my challenge, but I’ll just have to make an extra one on another day.  I’m just crafted out at the moment!  I was looking at my project page on ravelry and realized that 17 of the 36 projects I’ve logged on there have been started and/or finished this month!  That’s not even counting the non-knitted and crocheted projects I’ve done.  Holy smoke!

As I’m sure many of the people that read this blog regularly have noticed, I’m obsessive compulsive.  To a point I enjoy being so because I get things done.  Unfortunately, I’m obsessive about crafting, not so much house cleaning or any mundanely useful thing.  That’s where the Chaotic part came in to play if you haven’t figured it out!  I consider it a blessing and a curse.  I never used to think it was that big of a deal; until I’d take a break from the whirlwind of yarn and needles and paint and paper and I was left gasping for breath.  Sounds a little over the top, doesn’t it?  It’s true though.

I started this blog specifically for my crafting and I tend to leave out a lot of my personal life because, well, it’s messy.  I’ve noticed that a lot of my posts are plastic, to the point and detatched.  I hope no one has taken offense to that, it’s just that I have a hard time opening up and to be perfectly honest, opening up has never gone so well for me.  I’ve run in to a lot of nutjobs online and I guess I figured that if I kept things focused hard enough on one thing that I’d not have to worry about getting to know anyone too well.

I’ve met a few really wonderful people though.  People with *gasp* nothing scary-wrong with them.  It’s a renewal in my faith for humanity!  I know that sounds so over the top, but it’s true.  It feels good to talk to really nice people that don’t have alterior motives, who haven’t played mind games with me and don’t want more from me than I can give.  So thanks guys, you know who you are.

Sorry if I’ve come off a little nuts myself.  I start thinking about something and it just kind of spews out like vitriol.  It feels kind of good to get all that off my chest, though I don’t suspect it’ll happen all that often.  Oh, and if for any reason you notice me brushing serious stuff off with comedy (bad comedy at that) it generally means that it’s gotten to me more than I care to admit.

Still wanna be my friend after all that?