Man.  I think I’m going to have to admit defeat and wave the white flag on this ornament challenge.  My mojo is gone.

I’ve still got some great ideas, but every time I pick up my supplies I just kind of sigh and put them back down.  I’m all outta steam.  I am crafted out.

Now watch, once I’ve admitted defeat my drive will come back.  I’ll go with it though.  I just can’t do it right now.

I’m starting to think that the bah-humbugginess I’m surrounded by is really getting to me.  I’m not blaming every one else, it’s my own fault for letting it get to me, but it is.  I talked with my mom for an hour on the phone yesterday and she all but admitted to me that she only bothers decorating and getting in to the Christmas spirit when my sister comes to visit.  I asked her about me being here year ’round and she said “Well, that’s different.”  Yeah, that wasn’t a blow to my esteem.  My mother in law was supposed to come over and bake sugar cookies with me and she had to call and cancel because of her back.  My husband wants to open gifts on Saturday instead of Christmas day because we’ll have to wait all weekend and he’s got to go back to work on Wednesday.  No one will go Christmas light driving with me, watch any Christmas movies with me.  I feel like a big pouting baby and that makes me feel even worse!  I know that no one close to me really cares that much about the holidays so why does it bother me so much?

I think I’m just going to pop in a Christmas Story, have some hot cocoa and stop having a pity party.  It’s all what you make of it, right?