Anyone have anything grand planned for tonight?  We’re going over to my parents house for prime rib and movies…fun!  I kinda miss my days of Miller High Life and kissing everyone in the room at midnight, but at least I won’t have a hangover tomorrow!

I haven’t been doing any big crafting the past week.  Just kind of knitting and crocheting whatever I feel like.  That always feels so strange after a holiday craft fest of craziness.  I kinda feel lost a little.  I’ve finished a few things though.

These were both for the weekly dishcloth knitalong I belong to on Ravelry.  The first one is just a classic ballband dishcloth by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne.  I thought the colors would look really earthy and awesome together, but I hate the Camel color.  It’s all yellowy and sick looking.  Like BILE!  I love the ballband cloth though, it’s so cool looking!  I’ll just have to remember to stay away from that nasty color.


The other one is a little hard to see, but I love it.  It’s the Awareness Ribbon Dishcloth by Donna Burgess.  I chose to do mine in purple for violence awareness.  As I was knitting it I thought about the years my mom spent with my abusive biological father and what she sacrificed to make a better life for my sister and I.  I never thought I’d put that much thought in to something that will scrub dishes.  I’m glad I did it though and it was nice to put a little thought in to something I usually view as utilitarian.

I must have kitchen stuff on the brain right now (a clue to do my dishes maybe?) because I also wound up crocheting a Double Thick Crocheted Potholder by Andrea Mielke Schroer.

I love these potholders SO much.  I’d kind of forgotten about them but was reminded about how great they were when I came across the pattern on ravelry.  I did in-home care for a woman named Bonnie back in 2001.  She was an incredible person and I was just really getting in to crocheting things other than granny squares when I started taking care of her.  She showed me how to make these nifty little potholders one day and I instantly fell in love with how well they work.  These things DO NOT fall apart!  I still use the first one I made every day and other than being a little stained from spilled food it’s still in perfect condition.  The only thing I can suggest you do NOT do is make them out of anything but cotton.  I made one out of acrylic in my early days and that was a terrible mistake.  Acrylic doesn’t do well around heat.  We’ll just leave it at that, k?

I’ve got a couple of other things started, but they’ll both take a good long time to complete.  One is the Daina Mittens by Tuulia Salmela and the other is a scrap afghan done diagonally.

The Daina mittens are done on size 1 needles and sock yarn and they’re absolutely gorgeous but there’s two things getting in the way of me finishing them.  One: they’re for me, so they’ve been sitting back burner.  Two: They’re fair isle (or latvian?  gah, I really need to learn the difference between all this stuff) and that, paired with the tiny needles and yarn makes for slow work.  They’re gorgeous though, so even if I don’t finish them until next winter I’ll get them done.

The stash-ghan is just a simple diagonal knit afghan that I’m doing to use up scrap yarn.  I’ve had some of this stuff for five, six, seven years and I’m tired of looking at it.  I can’t throw it away, that’d be sacrilege.  So, it’s turning in to an ugly blanket to be used on the coldest of days lol.  Despite it being all thrown together, I’m kinda digging it.  Colors I’d never think about putting together are being mashed in to this blanket and even if it’s a little hard on the eyes, I’m enjoying the process.  It’s garter stitch so it’s completely mindless knitting and I don’t even have to think about what color to add next because I just blindly pluck a ball from a bag sitting beside my chair.  Awesome!  I’m doing a russian join as I add new yarn and I’m pleased with how it looks.  This way I’m knitting all the way to the end of the ball and there’s absolutely no waste whatsoever.  It makes me happy!  It’s kind of fun to pull out a ball of yarn and say “Hey!  I remember what I made with that!”  The bright green was my little alien stuffie, the pink went in to a baby sweater, the rainbow was a dog sweater, etc, etc. 

So, even though I said I hadn’t been up to much, now that I made a list and showed pictures I’ve shown myself I was wrong.  Now, I really do need to get to those dishes before Paul gets home or else I won’t get another chance until Wednesday when he’s back at work!

*EDIT* – Ugh.  Sorry for the weird layout of the pictures…wordpress is being a pain in the ass right now.