Okay, so I don’t have any form of ADD that I know of, but that’s how I’m feeling right now.  I keep starting new projects and putting them down to start other new projects.  It’s insane!

January’s MagKnits was promptly put up on January first, so I had to start Orno Abaci.  It’s a cushy scarf knit in rib, on the bias, using a fibonacci sequence.  Then I decided that I’d start a sweater because I found the four balls of cream wool I’d reclaimed from that sweater I talked about awhile ago.  I’m not entirely sure I’ll have enough, but we’ll see.  I’ve started and stopped a few crocheted shawls because I really want a new shawl, but I’m floundering.  My friend Hammie  showed me a blanket she crocheted for a friends new baby and it made my hook hand get all twitchy.  I kind of miss crocheting and I need to do it more.  I found an absolutely gorgeous pattern for an afghan that looks like a quilt and Hammie and I have decided to work on it together when I can afford to pick up new yarn.  It’s called Prairie Star and I love it!

So, no finished projects (not even little ones!) and I don’t forsee any for a little while.  It’s a little sad lol!  I need to gather my thoughts and my patterns and get organized.  I’m not doing so well on that at the moment.