That’s what I keep hearing.  It’s been raining all night and we’ve got three leakes in the roof right now!  One in my *gasp* craft room, one in the living room, and one in the doorway of our bedroom.  I tarred the roof a couple of summers ago and filled all the places that looked damaged, but I obviously missed a place or two!  Frustrating.  Beyond it being damaging though, I love the rain and wish that we’d get rain every day.  I’m living in the wrong part of the country for that though!

Over the weekend I got a lot of knitting done, though not all on what I would have liked.  The hat I made for my dad for Christmas was too short, so I had to go get more wool and I started the Marsan Watchcap.  It’s a simple enough hat in a twisted rib, but I love the decreases for the crown.  It looks really nifty.  I’m about a quarter of the way through that.

I also started this weeks dishcloth knitalong.  It’s just a simple feather and fan dishcloth, but I decided to go a step further and make a dishtowel to go with it.  I love the idea of hand-knit dishtowels, but this is the first one I’ve made.  I’m about done with it, and then I can actually start on the knitalong part lol.

I worked until the wee hours of Saturday morning on my sweater and made a decent amount of progress.  I’m doing Bombshell from Big Girl Knits and it’s a top-down raglan.  I got to the join and I’m working in the round toward the bust now.  It’s a teensy reminder of why I hate knitting for myself…it feels like I’m making very little progress even when I knit on it for hours!  I’m heading towards 300 stitches around right now and have another 100 or so to go before I start making the bust shaping.  Sigh.  If I finish it though it’ll be a gorgeous sweater.  I just hope I can find a skirt or flattering pair of pants to wear with it so my hard work won’t be in vain!

I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting a few tutorials.  If I can get my camera rigged up on it’s tripod in a flattering position (with enough light!) I’ll do a couple of videos.  Simple stuff like how to do mattress stitch on stockinette, grafting, stuff like that.  When I get a chance to find a good sweater to recycle I’ll post about how to do that too.  It’s just that I started thinking about it and once upon a time I’d go looking for tutorials and find links and then boom, dead link.  If I make tutorials there’s one more out there that people can find.  Makes me feel like I’m doing a little to give back.  Either that, or I’m bored lol.

My mother in law told me to give her a call this morning when I got up.  I mentioned to her that I wanted to start making some light weight hoodies to wear around the house and now she’s got her motor revving.  She wants to go to Walmart this morning and pick up some fabric and set her kitchen up as a sweatshop impromptu sewing room.  I guess I’ll pour myself a fresh cup of coffee and ring her up.  Chances are she won’t want to go out because of the weather, but if she does, I’ll be gone for most of the day.