I was tagged by Jenn at Enjoying the Ride.

Five things about myself:

1.  I hate okra.  More than any other vegetable on the planet.  Even more than peas; which I’ve hated since I was a baby.

2.  I pop my knuckles.  I mainly do it when I’m nervous or when I’m working with my hands a lot and need to stretch them.  I do it despite the fact that my mom has told me since I was a kid that I’d have gnarly hands when I was an old lady because of it.

3.  I’ve had a fascination with Joan of Arc since I was a kid.  I wrote a twelve page essay on her when I was in sixth grade and even though it was REALLY REALLY good, my teacher failed me because he didn’t think I’d written it myself.

4.  I love office supplies.  New pens, stationery, book clips…I’m like a kid in a candy store when I go to Staples!

5.  When I can’t sleep  but I don’t want to get up, I’ll start going through knitting patterns in my head.  I’ll count through lace stitches and fair isle patterns.  Mainly because all the counting makes me sleepy.

I’m tagging Hammie and Midgie for this, if they choose to do it.