Thursday was mine and Paul’s 11th anniversary.  We were lacking in funds until Friday and so it went by kind of quietly.  He wrote me the sweetest note EVER and we spent the evening cuddling and reflecting.  He surprised me by letting me know he’d planned a vacation day for Friday and so we got a little more time this weekend than I expected.

Friday we went to our favorite Chinese food place, where we ate (and ate, and ate) and it was wonderful because we hadn’t been there in months.  They’d rearranged their buffet and added an entirely new section with more dishes.  Their shrimp and broccoli is my new favorite!

We’d originally planned on going to Laughlin so we could have seafood and play the slots, but we decided we’d just stay in town and treat ourselves since chances are we’d walk out of the casinos with nothing.  I bought myself some new pajamas, Paul treated himself to Star Trek action figures (Geordi La Forge and  Lore) and then we both got new video games.  I loved the first Cooking Mama for the ds, so I bought the new one that just came out.  Things were normal, kind of boring, but we got some new toys and spent most of Friday and Saturday fawning over one another.

I took a break on virtual cooking last night to make some ds swag.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow or Tuesday.

I’ve got to go grocery shopping today and get some housecleaning done.  I did laundry yesterday so luckily that’s one thing that I don’t have to worry about.

Wow…is this like the most boring entry ever or what?!