Here’s the pictures of the ds stuff I’ve been making.

Picture 225

I horde all of my candy tins for decoupage purposes. This started life as a Lifesavers sour candy tin and now it’s a Cooking Mama tin for random ds bits. I’ve been entertaining the idea of making a bunch of charms to hang off my ds and this would be a good size tin to store them in.

Picture 222

Picture 224

I’d never done plastic canvas before, so it’s a little messy, but I like how it turned out overall. I wanted something to carry my games in that would hold more than a few at a time and I got this idea from a post on craftster where a person made a ds case out of plastic canvas to look like a classic nintendo controller. I only have six games right now, but it will hold about 35 games total. Until then, it’s housing my games, extra stylus’ and my kick ass pink headphones. (Weird, I know…I used to hate pink and now it seems to be taking over my life!)

Picture 226

I’ve been messing around with a lot of paper stuff lately as well. I usually just make Artist Trading Cards (atcs), but I’ve been entertaining that idea of making inchies again. They’re inch square works of art, same premise as atcs, just a different size. They’re challenging, tiny and fun! I’ve got a few already, but I’m thinking of making more. Dunno yet…

And, an obligatory Gutter picture before I go.

Picture 219

He’s been such a lovey lately.

Anyway…I seem to have picked up a tummy bug of some sort and I’ve been feeling like absolute caca. I’m feeling a little better this morning, but I’m still going to take it easy because that’s pretty much how it started out yesterday. Ugh.