Who needs flowers and chocolate when they can be surprised with something as adorable as this?


Paul knows me beyond well.

kuromi knits

Kuromi was fascinated with the knitting magazine that rode home with her. Her little devil tail was twitching with excitement at the prospect of helping me knit!

She was so excited to start learning that she got in to my coffee!

kuromi coffee

Adorable, yes?

Kuromi is a Sanrio character I wasn’t familiar with, but she’s SO cute! I love her little coif.

In other crafting news, my charms are finally done! I had to give them a few days between coats of paint to dry and then I had to cut all the head pins down to size. They turned out really great for a first attempt though!


From left to right: An adorable little fortune cookie, a Bob-omb (from Mario) – you can’t see his little wind up key but it’s there! Then there’s a Mario mushroom, a delicious cupcake with purple frosting and sprinkles (with a cherry on top!) and lastly, a sour lime wedge.

I coated these with three coats of mod podge for shine and to hopefully preserve the paint. They’re pretty light so I could probably get away with hanging several from my ds, but I’ll probably just switch them out regularly and more than likely I’ll wind up giving some away.

I’ve been consumed with cute stuff lately and had this idea for little expressive faces:


I made 12 of these little guys and they’re about 3/4″ in size. I thought I’d given them all different expressions, but it looks like I got two pissed ones in there lol. Whoops! These are set up like charms too so I could use them as such or use them in jewelry. I haven’t decided yet. I just love them.

A couple of weeks ago, Hammie surprised me with the 2008 Stitch ‘n Bitch Pattern a Day calendar. There’s all sorts of nifty knitting info in it like history, Stitch ‘n Bitch groups from all over the US, patterns, etc. Every morning it’s like opening a gift and when I wake up and get some coffee in me I flip to the present day. Today’s pattern is a raglan with buttons down one raglan seam and I have to make it! I already foresee a few mods but it’s such a cute (there’s that word again!) sweater. I probably won’t make it right away, but I’ll see if ravelry has it in their data base and queue it. I haven’t even looked through my new Interweave Knits yet (Kuromi’s been hogging it) so I’ll probably wind up with even MORE projects I want to start.

Well, I guess I’ve rambled enough. I’m looking forward to the weekend, anyone else?