I haven’t been to bed yet. I think I’m heading that way, but I keep getting side-tracked.

I was doing dishes earlier and was a little peeved because I couldn’t listen to music because Paul was playing a video game and I had no pockets on the clothes I was wearing so I could carry my mp3 player with me. I decided that must be remedied immediately!

eye searing argyle 2

I don’t know WHY I chose to do the pattern in such eye searing colors, but it just begged and begged to be made as garishly as possible. The button is really a pin that I got at a Dresden Dolls concert a couple of years ago. Now I can carry Euterpe (my mp3 player…yes, she has a name! Muse of music by the way) with me everywhere 🙂

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures that are slightly easier on the eyes:

not impressed

Moxie didn’t seem too impressed with the bright flash. You can really see the shar-pei in her in this picture.

afghan doggie

Cordova really likes the Prairie Star afghan. Just perfect for sticking his nose through lol.