Ugh.  I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping the past few nights but last night was the worst.  We went to bed around 11 last night and come midnight I was still lying awake, my mind racing.  So I got up.

I should know better to do that.  I should just stay in bed and toss and turn because otherwise I feel like I feel today.  I got up and cleaned most of the bathroom, painted my spice rack that I’ve been planning on painting since Paul made it for me, used the broom to get dust down off the ceiling…knitted, looked for new projects to do, cried over a movie.  Ugh.  Just yuck.  My mother in law was supposed to come over this morning so I dragged myself to bed at 4:30, tossed and turned until almost 6 and then slept fitfully until 7 when my alarm went off.  When I called my mil she sounded like a frog.  She had a sore throat and had been coughing all night.

So; I went back to bed.  STILL slept fitfully, until 11:30.  Bleh.  Everything feels icky right now and I can’t concentrate!

Anyway, sorry for the pitiful ramble.  I’m just frustrated and feel like I can’t function.