March 2008

I’ve been feeling particularly lazy the past week concerning my blog.  When I haven’t been running around like a chicken with my head cut off I’ve been very blah about writing.  Don’t know why really, I’ve been doing crafty stuff!

After running errands on Friday I called my parents to check up on them and they’re doing a-okay.  My mom still sounded tired and she complained of her stomach muscles hurting but mine would be too!  They’re eating though and still taking their meds, so they’ll be alright.

After I talked to them I checked our account and we still had a little money in there after taking everything out for the week.  I treated myself to two skeins of  this super yummy, CHEAP lace weight yarn in Vineyard Heather from Knitpicks.  I don’t do a lot of ordering online and I’ve only ever placed one other order through knitpicks, but I was pleased with the quality of the yarn and I’ve heard mostly good things about them.  Plus, lace weight generally has fantastic yardage per skein.  I think for my birthday I want to buy about $100 worth of yarn from them and roll around nekkid in it.  Too much info?  That’s okay, I promise, no pictures 😉

Anyways, the rest of the weekend was fairly dull.  I got up early on Sunday and got all of our running around finished before 10 am.  The alarm in the pharmacy in Safeway went off about five minutes after I got there and they didn’t get it turned off until I checked out.  It was seriously the most awful alarm I’ve ever heard in my life.  I described it to Hammie as what I imagine a dog hears when someone blows a dog whistle.  Yuck!

Going back to the laziness issue though, I didn’t buy anything specific for my bentos this week and I haven’t done any preparation.  So, instead, I’m having tuna noodle casserole for lunch.  I’ve been craving it SO bad lately and living in a house where your husband considers tuna to be nothing more than expensive cat food, I don’t make it hardly ever.  Most likely I’ll be eating leftovers from it for lunch for the next couple of days.

See?  Boring and lazy.  I hope to get my mojo back soon so I can’t stand to read my own entries!


This has been a screwy sort of week.  I kept the car this morning since Paul’s on overtime and there’s no way he’ll get out of work in time for us to pay bills this afternoon.  Then I got a call from my mother in law, who needs some help with tax stuff.  So I’ll be out of the house for most of the day again.

I talked to my parents on Wednesday, after I wrote here.  My mom said that they were eating toast so that’s an improvement.  I’ll probably stop by sometime today to see how they’re doing.

I haven’t done much of anything on the craft or bento front this week…things have been so up in the air.  I started a new tank top yesterday but I don’t know how far I’ll get with it.  I’m not sure I like the yarn/needle combo and might scrap it until I find something more suitable.

Yesterday was a complete blur.  I spent the entire day out of the house.  Normally this would be a good thing, but not so yesterday.

I had stayed up late on Monday night, knitting, web surfing and moping about various things.  Because of that I slept in on Tuesday morning until about 10:55.  I got up, went to the potty and as I was making my way into the living room my phone rang.  It was my mom and she sounded terrible.  She asked me to look up the symptoms of salmonella and that’s pretty much where it went downhill.

I wound up getting a ride to my parents house from my father in law because my mom told me that she hadn’t been able to keep even sips of water down since she got sick around midnight the night before.  She was just going to let me go and I guess…I don’t know…suffer?  My dad was down sick with it too and neither of them could get around on their own, much less drive.

There was a lack of communication on my parents part because my mom swore the chicken she baked for their Easter dinner was thoroughly cooked, but my dad told me he’d spit out a piece that was pink.  Ugh.  My mom was able to procure appointments for both of them with their doctor, so thankfully an ER visit wasn’t necessary.  I always joke that my mom would have to be sick or dying to allow me to drive her Highlander…well…

I took them to their appointments, holding on to my mom most of the way.  She laid down in the back seat and I KNEW how sick she had to be because my mom’s a bit of a control freak.  I’ve seen my mom pretty sick before and though I was worried, I mainly just kept a close eye on her.  What really screwed with me was seeing my dad so sick.  He was shaking and kept putting his head in his hands.  Seeing the man you grew up with like that when he’s always been the strongest person in the world to you is fucking frightening.  He’s had several health problems the past year or so and it’s been scary seeing him lose some of that superhero power I’ve come to expect from him.

I was able to get their scripts dropped off, them taken home and then back to Walmart to pick the medication up.  My mom got a cramp near her ribcage and tried to get on the floor to work it out herself!  Grr!  I jacked my back up picking her up off the floor, but seriously, I didn’t even really notice until later.  Paul came over to get me after he’d gotten off work and I’d finally gotten them both settled.  I need to call this morning to see how they fared through the night.  I didn’t have a cup of coffee or a bite to eat until I got home at about 5:00 last night so I scarfed down some dinner and was in bed by 8:00.

So, that was my day.  Certainly “exciting”, but not something that I want to repeat any time soon!  I just hope my parents recuperate soon…I’ve had nasty cases of food poisoning before and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy much less people I love.  Poor things 😦

Today’s bento!

krab wrap

I know a lot of people hate fake crab, but I like it. It’s not as good as real crab of course but I still think it’s tasty. I used a whole wheat tortilla, spread about a tablespoon of cream cheese on it, added about 2 ounces or so of broken up fake crab, some lettuce and some dill to the wrap. The ends are never pretty so darn…I had to eat them while I was making my bento. In the smaller compartment is one of my vibrant easter eggs and a half a tangelo. My monkey holds some cucumber slices in his head and some wasabi ranch in his belly!

Happy belated Easter/Ostara/Spring Equinox to any who celebrate! Not having kids, we don’t really do baskets or egg hunts or any of that fun stuff, but I decided to dye some eggs last minute yesterday. They’re colorful, cheery and make me happy!

easter eggs

Nothing special, just plain old liquid food dye, but they turned out pretty. I used some neon food dye for the first time and granted, upped the amount of dye/vinegar ratio in the water, but I was very pleased with how vibrant they turned out. They were even prettier before I dumped them back into the carton for storage.

While shopping for egg stuff I came across these adorable monkey containers:


They only stand about 3″ tall or so and I thought they’d be perfect for my bentos! I figured I could use them for dips, yogurt, fruit/veggies, etc. They’re so cute and they’re really easy to clean since there’s not too sharp of corners or crevices inside. I love cute stuff 😀

On Friday, I decided that I wanted a new book to read. I’d written a list of a few books I’d heard about recently that I wanted to try to find. Of course, I left the list at home and didn’t remember any of the titles or authors so I fell to my standby–craft books! I decided that I wanted to find a book on miniatures that delved a little more in to information on scale and covered several topics. I was super excited when I stumbled across this book:

miniatures book

It covers a lot of history on miniatures and is full of pictures. They’re black and white, but still impressive! There’s a whole spread on Queen Mary’s “doll house”, and I only put that in quotes because I think it goes so beyond just being a doll house. It’s a true work of art. Besides all of the rooms being hooked up to light and water, every piece was painstakingly made to scale over a three year period by experts who studied the original pieces in the mansion. Absolutely breathtaking.

The book is a little on the old side, (Copyright is 1975) so there are a few supplies that are no longer available, BUT, there are things comparable out there and I’m sure I could hunt some of it down if I decide to make anything from the book. They have a chapter on woodworking, one on textiles and even a chapter on how to make scale pieces from found objects. Awesome! I was even more excited about picking it up when I found out that it was a used book and the price was only $8.50 ($8.99? One of the two) The other miniature book I’d had my eyes on was smaller, had less information (though it was in color) and they wanted $25 for it. Score!

To go along with all that miniature talk, I thought I’d flash a picture of a work in progress:

mini wip

I’m not going to say what it is, just that it’s made out of a ping-pong ball and that it’s really effing hard to divide a half sphere in to even pieces! Hopefully I’ll have the piece that has yet to be revealed finished by the end of the week so people can figure out what the hell it’s supposed to be!

Finally, some knitting content…

I’ve been using a lot of my spare time the past few days knitting. It’s starting to get warmer, so why am I breaking out the wool?! I mean, once it starts getting hot around these parts, that’s it…it’s frickin’ hot and we don’t get much in the way of cool days until usually the end of October. Well…it’s because I got bit by the shawl bug. That’s right…this giant bug made out of lacy wool swooped down and smacked me with a load of stitch markers and told me I must knit a shawl. To please the shawl bug I got out some of my prettiest recycled wool and cast on not one, but TWO new shawls.

cozy wip

This one is called Cozy, from Knitty. I’ve been looking at this pattern for about three years now but there was something that I didn’t really love about it. Then I saw one that a lady on ravelry had made and I fell in love with it. The pictures on Knitty’s site just do not do the pattern justice. This is a rectangular stole. It calls to cast on 85 stitches, but I cast on 115 because I wanted it longer. I think once I finish it and block it out that it’ll be really big and it’ll open up the pattern well.

The second one is called Kiri (Link is to a .pdf file). It’s a triangular shawl with a leaf repeat and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. I can do lace pieces with charts, but unless I’m completely focused I screw them up every time. This pattern has the option to knit the shawl using a chart or written instructions – I chose to use the written! I’ve decided that all lacy patterns look like caca until you’re finished with them and can block them. Once the piece is spread out you can really see the details.

kiri wip

Okay, I think I’d better go before I post so many pictures it takes a year for my page to load. I didn’t do any bento preparation this weekend so today’s lunch will be thrown together last minute.

I’m late posting my bento this afternoon but I actually ate several hours ago.

spaghetti bento

I decided to have leftovers today since I made way too much spaghetti the other night.  Nice and simple spaghetti with meat sauce and parm cheese, a few small rounds of garlic bread and a green salad.  I used a Lock & Lock box for todays bento because I was STARVING by the time I ate and it’s quite a bit bigger than my other bentos.  I cleaned my 18 gallon fish tank from top to bottom this morning and of course I skipped breakfast because I got sidetracked.  Besides, who wants to eat when they’re covered in fish water?  Not me!

I know I should have waited a couple of days for my back to feel better before messing with that fish tank but I had my last lonely guppy die this morning and I didn’t want to leave it sit.  My ancient goldfish is now inhabiting the large tank and I can finally break down the 10 gallon tank I had him in.  Tonight will be a liberal dinner of non-asprin and ibuprofen I think.

Here’s today’s bento:

fruit and yogurt

I’m calling this my “I feel like crap and don’t really want to eat but know I need to” bento. It’s just strawberry yogurt, cantaloupe, grapes, a few dates and a few bland cinnamon cookies.

I also wanted to post a picture of the latest dishcloth I’ve made


Over the past year or so I’ve started this cloth around five times. I always got confused or bored with it and tossed it down, but it was this weeks cloth for the dishcloth group on ravelry and I decided to finally bite the bullet and finish one. I used Sugar n’ Cream striping yarn and I really like how it turned out. You can find the pattern here.

I think I’m going to go crawl onto the couch and pretend that my back has been magically replaced with…I don’t know…something that doesn’t hurt.

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