Okay, here’s a slightly more involved post.For some reason I’ve fixated on starting a bedroom set first. I think it began by wanting a knit a teensy tiny afghan and went from there. I started a cabled coverlet on size 000 needles but I just couldn’t fiddle with those tiny things on the yarn I was using. I switched over to a size 1 steel crochet hook and some fingering weight angora I recycled.

mini angora afghan

I used this pattern which I think is a take on the crazy stitch? I liked the way it looked so much that I started a full sized afghan in the same pattern. I figured that in the mini world this would be a super bulky afghan. It’s 1:12 scale for a queen sized bed, right around 5.5″ x 6.5″. Since I don’t have a mini bed yet I kind of had to guess that it will fit. It’s soooffffft!

The afghan was the very first thing I worked on and it was so much fun that the mini bug bit me and I worked on mini stuff the rest of the weekend. I did the doily next, but you’ve seen a picture of that, so we’ll move on.

mini shirts

I made some tiny little folded shirts next. They can’t be unfolded or worn, they’re just visual. The striped shirt I made first and I LOVE how it turned out! There’s even a minuscule tag! I used size 11 (I think) seed beads for the buttons. The black and white shirt is a pocketed pullover and the pink sweater is a swatch from the pink angora I used for the afghan that I didn’t unravel. I’m thinking about using these in a pulled out dresser drawer or maybe a little leather suitcase.

My mind followed the clothing idea and I of course needed some little hangers to add to a closet!

mini hangers

It’s 26 gauge wire. I’m still learning so much about scale that I’m not sure that it’s really “accurate” but I like the way they turned out.

Until I can get some true mini supplies I’m playing strictly with what I’ve got around the house. I made a vanity tray with some perfume bottles –

mini vanity

The tray is some random thing I had in my button tin. I think it was an electrical piece of some sort. It’s just under 1 ¼” and I filled it with blue and gold colored gel glue (Elmer’s 3-D glue is awesome!) I gave it a little swirl before it dried and I really like how it turned out. The perfume bottles are random beads. They’re not as wonky as they look, I just haven’t affixed them to the tray yet and they kept tipping over. I was actually getting a little frustrated because I had to cut my nails back REALLY short because they were torn up from crafting and I’m not used to not having my nails to pick things up!

mini braided rug

Finally, last night I made a little faux braided rug.  I used embroidery floss in white, light pink and bright pink and just kind of fudged an oval out of it.  It tried curling because it was such a tight gauge so I used stiffener and pinned it down to dry.  I think I pushed the pins in a little too tightly though because I can see the indents.  I may have to wash it and redo it if I can’t pull up the nap with a pin to my approval.

I think that’s it on the mini front for now.  I’ve got a billion other ideas and I’ve spent hours surfing mini sites for projects and information.  I’m so happy I’m finally getting around to doing something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid!  I never had the opportunity to have a doll house before and it’s always something I’ve wanted.  I founda site with step by step instructions to build a house and I think I may look at that as a first house until I can save up for a kit.  I found some pretty good deals on ebay but I’m not sure I want to get in to buying a bunch of pre-made stuff just yet.  We just switched over to a visa debit card so I think I could get in to a lot of trouble on ebay!

This pictures within this post finally put my flickr account over the 200 free picture limit lol!  I guess I post more than I thought I did!  I’ll still be able to use it, but it won’t show my most recent pictures on flickr itself I guess.