I was hoping I could get some brainstorm action from the beautiful gals that read my blog and are maybe feeling creative…

If you were making a miniature punch bowl with miniature punch in it, being kept cool with miniature ice cubes, WHAT would you use as ice cubes?  I’m trying to avoid getting in to yet another craft by buying resin or specialized water compound (whatever it’s called…it’s resin-y)

I ask because I’m crafty and will use absolutely anything that may aid me in my craft, but I’m coming up blank.  I got the bright idea to try white glue and it just won’t work.  I cut small circular holes in a sheet of clay and dripped a scant drop of glue in each hole, but when it dried it shrunk and didn’t give me the results I wanted.  I also thought of just cutting down a glue stick and sanding it into a cube shape, but I wanted to see if I could get some input here first before I went making another mess!

So!  Any tips?  Any advice?  I’m open to more than just ice cube suggestions of course…give me your ideas so I may try them and take credit praise you! 😀