I’ve spent pretty much the entire day between reading the best of Craigslist and catching up on cleaning from the weekend. It’s been made slightly less boring by a link that Vegas Jenn sent me. At Chore Wars you can create a character, join/create a horde and get experience points and gold for doing chores. If for nothing else, it prompts me to get my butt in gear and try to get some much needed cleaning done.

My bento for today isn’t very pretty, but it’s functional and tasty:

chicken soup

Homemade chicken and rice soup with carrots and celery, whole wheat saltines and chocolate pudding for dessert.  My tummy has been off for the past few days, more than likely because of the nacho cheese we used on our homemade shredded beef nachos we made on Friday night.  They bothered Paul too and I think it might be due to the spiciness of the cheese.  I’m a total wimp when it comes to hot stuff and Paul doesn’t really care for it either so we almost never eat spicy stuff.  Oh well…that’s what we get for caving to our cravings.

That’s about it.  Nothing exciting happened over the weekend, we stayed home and I slept a good portion of it away.  I started a top for my mom for her birthday.  It’s called Valpuri, from Berroco.  No, I still haven’t learned my lesson about hating cables.  They’re beautiful and I think my mom will like the top (at least I hope she does) so it’ll be worth it.  If I can finish it without throwing it across the room.  We’ll see.