I was going to try something different today and add a slide show of what I’ve been doing, but apparently wordpress has issues with flash and I don’t feel like taking the time to figure out how to circumvent it.

So, the last week, in picture form:

I spent time with my adorable family


Took Moxie to the vet for her shots. Afterwards Gutter stared Moxie down

kitty scares moxie

Then he got lovey with a chair leg

gutter love chair

Dr. Evil says “Hi”. He used to have a mini-me, but he committed suicide.

hello fishie

I worked on Valpuri for mom. I love it, (hate the cables, but love the top) but I’m really unsure if she’ll like it. I haven’t decided if I’ll continue with it or not.

valpuri for mom

I started a soft ball for the dogs to play with. If they like it and don’t tear it apart in a day I’ll make them more.

i will be a ball

I’ve been knitting garter stitch squares on the bias. They’re quick, colorful and completely mindless knitting. These are about 4×4 inches I think, and I can work on them while watching tv or reading without worrying if I’m going to screw them up.

bias garter squares

I had this cute crocheted strawberry in my queue on ravelry and decided to make it the other night while my hands were itchy for something to do. It literally only took about 20 minutes to make.

crochet strawberry

I got to spend some much needed hang out time with Hammie last Thursday and she had me try Guitar Hero 3 on her ps3. I loved it so much (and Paul and I had been talking about it…it wasn’t completely spur of the moment) that I went out the next day and bought the game and two guitars. We spent most of the weekend playing.

guitar hero 3

All my game gear needs handmade stuff. I’m working on two guitar straps:

pink cabled guitar strap

A pink cabled one for me, and a green and navy one…for me too (because Paul probably won’t use it)

green and navy guitar strap

I’m also planning on modding the face plate because it’s removable. I’m thinking pink, with a Dresden Dolls plane logo, but that may change.

I also spent some time outside. I didn’t do the much needed yard cleaning I should have been doing, but I enjoyed the good stuff that was blooming. Not this though:

damned weeds

Stupid weeds. They literally just started cropping up about a week ago. I’ll probably have Paul take them out with the weed eater, but I’ve contemplated leaving them and telling people I’m cultivating all the green I can.

There’s beautiful stuff growing too though. I have a tea rose bush in my back yard

tea roses

The flowers are so delicate and beautiful. The bush itself is a behemoth…this is only about half of it:

about half the tea rose bush

It’s taking over a whole corner of the yard and while I’d really love to leave it to overgrow and beautify an otherwise ugly yard, I’m going to have to either trim it back or tie it because it’s perilously close to the air conditioner.

grape vines

My grape vines are doing fabulous, despite me not watering them properly. One of these days when I’m feeling adventurous I’ll fertilize the bed and set up a drip system for them so we can have some decent grapes. The birds ate most of them last year.


These lilacs are in my front yard. They smell wonderful and I love the pale purple of the flowers. I admit now, I’m a total lazy ass and don’t tend things like I should. If I did, I’d have three huge lilac bushes thriving in my front yard instead of the one at the end. I don’t water them and I should. That’s my confession for the day.

I know it’s a lot of pictures, but hopefully no one is on dial-up! I just haven’t been in a blogging mood lately and wanted to catch up. I’ve noticed that I don’t feel like pulling out my camera much lately, but when I do, and when I get my ass on wordpress I want to blog, but it’s getting me there that seems to be the trouble. ugh! I’m going to try to be better about it, if for nothing else than to keep a log of what the heck I’ve been up to!