After errands (okay, before errands, but don’t tell!) I did some craft shopping. Shopping in general really, but crafty stuff was obtained as well. When getting ready to take Paul to work today I realized I had pretty much nothing to wear. One of my last presentable tops had fallen off the line on Tuesday and dear Moxie dragged it through the mud. Since I hadn’t washed it yet I resorted to wearing a paint stained tank top with my hoodie over it to cover the worst of it. I decided that it was time to find at least a couple of decent tops.

I found one adorable top at Walmart. It’s white with red and coral-ish plaid, poof-ish sleeves and a scoop neck. It buttons down the front. BAAAD description, but it’s really quite cute. I probably look pregnant in it because it dips in under the bust, but I don’t care. I also stopped at a thrift store and was really pleased to find five shirts and a brand new pair of pants. It should have come up to about $13.00, but they were doing half off today so I got everything for $6.50 and they threw in a purse for free. I’m not complaining! I also found several pairs of pants that’ll fit Paul so I’m going to go pick them up later today.

Back to the crafty stuff though…

I picked up the paint to mod my guitar faceplate!


I’m kind of scared! I doubt I’ll be able to screw it up completely and even if I do I’ll still be able to play my guitar once it’s dry, but I hate failing and once I start with this I can’t really go back. Wish me luck, seriously! I’m excited, but nervous!

I also found some beads:

jade beads

They were on clearance for $1.50, which is about half of what they cost originally. I wouldn’t have bought them otherwise! I like the different greens in the package and I thought it might be fun to do a shawl or wrap with random beads thrown in. Now I just have to find an appropriate yarn.

I also picked up yarn for a blanket I’ve been wanting to make for awhile now:

teal blanket yarn

It’s just plain old Red Heart SS, but I really loved the color. I always stop and look at it when we go to Walmart and I finally bought some. I just checked the pattern and it looks like I’ll need about twice the amount I bought…whoops! Anyway, the afghan I’ve been itching to make is this one here. It was originally (as far as I know) in MAGknits, but since magknits was pulled down the designer is hosting the pattern on ravelry as well as a pdf on her own blog. Now, I hate making cables, but I absolutely adore the way they look, so I’m going to try to start this project with a positive disposition and hope I find it enjoyable. I WANT to love cables, I really do! I just get irritated with the fiddling of the cable needle slowing down my knitting. I’ve learned how to do cables without a cable needle, so I’ll have to really look at the pattern and see if I can do it that way.

So! I’m going to quit blabbering and go put my first coat of paint on my guitar faceplate. Hope everyone has a great weekend!