I just wanted to write a quick blog in the midst of some frantic cleaning to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts.  It was a really great birthday, save for one pooey incident that I’m not going to waste my time explaining.  Jenn, in case you didn’t see the comment I left you; I got your card, thanks so much!  (By the way, I’m way envious of your handwriting lol!)

I’ll try to post a more detailed blog about my birthday weekend with some pictures later.  Thankfully, there are none of me!  Nobody took pictures during, so I’ll take some random shots of some of the good stuff I got and all that.

During short breaks of trying to get this messy place decent looking I’ve been slowly binding off the Hemlock Ring blanket.  I made it relatively small because if my mom is going to use it as a tablecloth I don’t want it hanging to the ground.  There’s 380 some odd stitches to cast off, and the way the cast off is done you make five stitches to create a decorative ring, so it’s very slow going.  Two cast off for every seven…ugh!  Looks pretty nice though and I can’t wait to block it.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend and with any luck, Monday’s going well too!