Most of the time I tend not to knit the super popular sweater patterns that make their way in to the online knitting communities.  They either don’t go high enough in size to fit my more than ample body or I don’t find them attractive.  Shawls, hats and whatnot are usually fair game, but even with those I don’t always follow the crowd.  Clapotis?  Started several, never finished a single one.  Monkey?  Love socks and Cookie’s patterns, but I suffer from second sock syndrome (not finishing the pair for the uninitiated).  I’ve made a couple pairs of Fetching and an over large Calorimetry.

But sweaters for myself are usually not on my plate.  I’m an odd knitter.  If I leave a project sitting too long I will never pick it up and finish it.  Too long could be a week, or several years.  Some of you might remember when I was making Mr. Greenjeans.  I made it to just under the arms and then it sat.  For weeks.  I kept thinking I would go ahead and just finish it, but I kept thinking “Should I put the cables in or not?” and “Will I really ever wear this as I’ve knit it?”  I was in love with the pattern but not with the modifications I’d made.

I’d heard a lot about the Central Park Hoodie.  I think pretty much anyone who is involved with online knitting communities has heard about it at some point, at least in passing.  I’d not given it much thought because the pattern didn’t go up to my size, and my math skills are lacking when it comes to re-sizing garments.  But when I heard that they’d republished the pattern to include sizes up to a 60 inch bust I decided to take a better look at it.  I love this hoodie.  As I’ve already mentioned a million times, I love cables, and to me, this sweater screams “Hey!  Wear me on the weekends while you bum around town and get coffee and shop!”

And so, my frugal (some say cheap) self bought my very first singular pattern last week.  Most of the time I knit from free patterns online or from patterns in books or magazines I’ve bought.  I’m wondering if I’ll be more compelled to finish this pattern since I paid for it?  I’m hoping so because I really love this sweater and even though I won’t be able to wear it with the weather heating up, I’d love to finish one and love it so much that I make another before it’s cool enough to wear them.  The even cooler thing is that there are so many varying sizes that I could make one for practically every woman (and a couple of men) that I know.