I was tagged by Jenn to post ten things about myself, so here goes!

1. I’m a wallflower – online and in real life. I never used to be, but because of some physical stuff that’s happened to me and some headgames people have played with me online, I’ve kind of pulled away. I keep a very small circle of friends and even though I belong to a ton of groups online and I know a lot of people in rl, I pay attention but don’t get involved much. It’s a painful stretch for me to introduce myself to people or start friendships.

2. Once upon a time I wanted kids. Not only did I want kids, but I wanted to open a child care business. For awhile all I thought about was that I’d get married, have a few kids and spend my days taking care of babies and young children. The funny thing is that this was for a fairly short period of time. From around the time I was 17 or 18 until I was about 22 or 23. Before that, I wanted to stay single and travel, and after that I was happy with it just being Paul, me and the dogs. I’ve never quite figured out why those five or so years started and stopped so abruptly.

3. I’ve broken my right leg and fractured my left cheekbone. All in the span of about a week. When I was in the third grade I loved playing on the monkey bars at school. My mom kept telling me to stop because they didn’t have mats beneath them and she knew I was going to fall off and get hurt, but I didn’t listen. I fractured my cheek bone and there wasn’t much they could do about it. A week later, to the day, I tried to do a “cherry drop” and fell off the bar and landed sitting down on top of my foot – it was facing the other way. My mom was in talks with the school for two years trying to get them to pay my medical bills. The real kicker? They waited until right before they settled with us to put down safety mats.

4. I hate drinking water. If there’s pretty much anything in the house besides water I’ll drink that first. I know it’s not healthy and I know that water would do so much more than hydrate me, but I hate it. If we’ve got bottled water I’ll drink it, but I hate the tap water here and do a LOT to avoid drinking it.

5. I hate talking on the phone. I think that’s kind of part of number one, but I seriously hate talking on the phone so much that I finally wound up getting caller ID so I could avoid answering any calls other than the ones from family and a few friends. If it’s important, someone will leave a message.

6. Before the Dresden Dolls, I was highly obsessed with the Doors. The only reason I got interested in them in the first place though was because of this boy I had a crush on in the seventh grade. His name was Josh Foreman and he was a big fan of the Doors. Looking back, I realize that most of my favorite bands have been because of outside influence. I got in to KISS because of a boy too. He was such a fan that when other boys with playing G.I. Joe, he was playing with KISS “action figures”. Shannon (Hammie) got me hooked on the Dresden Dolls.

7. I hate these birds:


They’re called Curved Bill Thrashers, or Mourning Doves. I seriously hate these birds and people laugh at me because of it. I hate the way they look (those beaks are freakin’ creepy!) and I hate their attitudes! I have a birdhouse my neighbor made for me for my birthday in my front yard. The wrens have started living in there and I saw one of those ugly birds hold on to the side of the birdhouse (it’s way too big of a bird to actually go in the little holes) and pull baby wrens out of it! They poop on my car and it’s like they know I don’t like them because they stare at me when I go outside like they want to pluck my eyes out. I’ve taken to throwing rocks at them when I see them – not to hurt them or even actually connect, but to get them to fly away. I can’t fully comprehend why I dislike them so much, it’s just one of those weird things about me.

8. I have four sisters and two brothers. Jeannie is my half sister through my bio-dad, Dougie is my half brother through my bio-dad, Theresa, Debbie, and Joyce are my half sisters through my Mom, and Rodger is my step-brother from my Mom’s marriage to my Dad (My step-dad). The only one I have a relationship with is Joyce, and it’s a long distance one at that. I have no full blood siblings and none of my siblings have full blood siblings – we all have different moms or dads.

9. My husband and I have gone through eight vehicles since we’ve been together – an 87 Nissan Stanza, a 78 Oldsmobile, an 80-something Dodge Charger, an 86 (I think) Oldsmobile, a 76 Firebird, a 92 Geo Metro, a 91 Astro van, and we’re currently driving a 94 Geo Prizm. Most of our recent cars have been trade ins, but I wrecked my Stanza, gave the 78 Olds to my Dad, the Charger blew the main oil gasket and died and a bitch in a Breeze crashed in to our other Olds. The Firebird, Metro and Astro all had cracked windshields and the Prizm has lasted longer than any other car we’ve had.

10. I can never fill a paper journal completely. I usually get about 1/3 through it and forget about it. There’s a few that I’ve managed to fill halfway, but I’ve never reached the last page of a journal. I tend to find them years later, scoff at the silly things I’ve wrote and toss them. I’m trying to break myself of this because I think no matter how stupid my writing can be at times, it’s something I’ll regret doing when I’m older. I always thought that by the time I was in my 60’s that I’d have shelves filled with journals, but I won’t if I keep tossing them!

I’d like to tag Hammie, Katia and Midgie if they want to do it, if not, anyone else that happens upon this post can play!