I finally got off my lazy, overheated butt to get some pictures.

My hair!



I swear I don’t have a bald spot, it’s just the way my hair fell when I parted the bangs.

I have mixed feelings about the pink. I originally wanted just the tips done, but my mother in law went a little crazy so now it looks like I just have pink hair where the roots have grown out. Sigh. I may pick up some more dye next week and redo the entire thing.

Over the weekend I made a quick project and started on a larger one.

kerchief on

I used some Orno Filati Gong I had in my stash. Hammie got me a gift certificate to The Spinster a couple of years ago for my birthday and this is the yarn I bought. It’s an Egyptian cotton and I lurve it! I’d bought five balls of it and still have a couple of balls left; I use it sparingly because she doesn’t carry it anymore.

I also started a new sweater. Don’t poke me with a knitting needle! I know I still have my Central Park Hoodie in the works. I’m still working on it, but because I promised myself not to work on anything else ’til it was done, I’ve been going a little crazy. I needed something else to work on to break up the monotony. So I started this asymetrical crocheted pullover.

pullover start

I like the design; it’s simple, but not boring. I crochet a lot quicker than I knit so I’m hoping to finish this quickly. With the heat still getting to me, I’m not working on any fiber projects as much as I’d like, but I’m still doing a little every day.