I’m still around…somewhere!  I’ve had absolutely no motivation to do any serious crafting or blogging for that matter.

I’ve been very slowly plugging away at the second sleeve of my Central Park Hoodie.  It’s almost up to the sleeve cap now, but I’ve only been doing a few rows whenever the mood strikes.  This is probably been my least productive summer ever.  I can normally pick up a cotton dishcloth to work on or a sock, but not this year.  Oh well.  I’m just happy that my CPH hasn’t hit the frog pile yet.

I’ve been journaling a lot, just not the past few days.  I was doing really well with getting up early every morning and sitting down to journal immediately.  It seriously does help clear my head for the rest of the day.  The past three days I’ve just ignored it though and I can’t even describe how annoyed I was with the idea of having three days that were just NOT THERE.  So I’m back logging stuff.  Not too much, just weather stuff, word of the day, media/happenstance.  Shouldn’t take too long to catch up, but it’s not something I want to make a habit out of.

We went to my parents house for a 4th of July dinner.  It was too hot to sit out in their gorgeous pavilion so we ate inside.  After a way too large meal of steak, baked potatoes, fresh corn on the cob and grilled squash from my Mom’s garden we braved the heat and sat outside to watch the fireworks.  There’s a perfect little niche between houses where we could see all but the lowest of the fireworks.  They were beautiful.  I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoyed watching them since we very rarely bother.  It was a good memory to stow away.

Monsoon season is slowly creeping up on us.  The humidity the past few days has been absolutely disgusting and the worst part is that it’s nothing compared to what it’ll be in a few weeks.  When we were watching the fireworks I kept having to peel my blouse away from myself.  Ick.  We got about 15 raindrops yesterday morning, but as much as I begged for more, the sky cleared up and it stayed dry.

Oh, I almost forgot!  On Thursday we bought a pool!  Far from glamorous lol, it’s just a little inflatable pool, but it’s good sized for the two of us.  It’s about 10’x6′ and fits just perfectly on our back porch, under the awning (so we don’t get too much sun if we’re in it!)  Our back yard is like a cemetery for all the crap the previous owners left so Paul had to move a ridiculously huge freezer off the porch to fit the pool.  We bought a tarp to cover it with to keep most of the debris out but I’m still going to have to get out there with a net today and do a cleaning already since dear Moxie decided to pull the tarp off.  We’ve got water roaches (outside only…they’re sooo nasty!) and spiders and crickets that love to hang out in the dark creases by the trailer skirting so a few have made their way in to the water.  Ugh…I don’t even like thinking about it :/  All that aside though; it is SO nice to sit in our little pool, even during the day!  If there’s even a bit of a breeze, being in the water feels 30 degrees cooler than it really is outside.  Now if I could only get Paul to come out there more with me!

I haven’t been a very good blog buddy lately, and for that I apologize.  I promise that as soon as the weather gets a little more tolerable and I’m online more I’ll visit regularly again.  Til then, it’s sporadic but I haven’t forgotten anyone!