Yesterday. Sucked. Hard.

Well…most of the day was pretty nice actually. I had some time to catch up on my journaling, I watched a couple of movies and got the pool cleaned out. It was the last half of the day that was awful.

When Paul got home he helped me scrub the pool (eew, slimy!) and afterwards we both got in while it filled up. We spent a glorious hour just floating and leaning on each other and laughing and spraying Moxie. When we were both as pruny as we could stand, we got out and decided we’d order some cheese sticks from Pizza Hut.

After I placed the order Paul got dressed in some dry clothes and headed out. Not three minutes after he’d left he was back in the driveway and I noticed the hood of the car was up. I freaked out and went outside and he told me that he’d gotten a couple houses down and all the dummy lights had come on and the power steering went out. OMG. We only have one car so that’s bad bad news. A couple of years ago we bought a huge manual for our car on ebay and after a super frantic hunt for it and a very apologetic call to Pizza Hut to cancel our order, we found out that our problem was as simple as a nut needing tightening. I guess that when Paul put oil in the car a few days ago that he spilled a bit near the alternator and the vibrations of the engine had loosened the nut that keeps the alternator steady.

Luckily, we have two Pizza Huts in town πŸ˜‰ I didn’t feel right calling the first one and asking for the same order after canceling, so Paul called the other one and left to pick it up. After what seemed like ages, he finally got home and decided that since it was trash night that he’d get everything together early so he wouldn’t have to do it after he ate. He gathered all the little trash cans we have through out the house and started taking them out. When he was done, he stepped off the porch steps to flip the lid down and take the dumpster out and when he did he came straight down (with all this weight) onto a broken glass base.

****WARNING***** Graphic description of blood and gross stuff. You’ve been warned.

Next thing I know he’s pulling his shoe off and there’s literally a river of blood pouring out of his foot. It was coming so fast that he couldn’t stop it with just his hand. I swear, I’ve never moved so fast in my life. I grabbed a dishtowel and mashed it against his heel and the entire time he’s trying to get me to let go so he could do it himself. If it wasn’t so scary it would have been funny.

When we’d gotten the bleeding stopped long enough for him to hobble inside without dripping a bucket of blood behind him I had him sit down and I surveyed the damage. The cut was about half an inch long and about a third of an inch deep. Not a mortal stab wound, but very very ugly. The worst part was that the glass had apparently been sitting out there for some time and it was filthy. You could see dirt in the wound and that is the only thing that really turned my stomach. I knew I was going to hurt him getting that crap out of there.

He’s as bad about doctor visits as I am so I knew I wouldn’t be able to get him to go. He DID let me clean it though and that took some balls. Because it was such a clean cut (thank deity for small favors huh?) I literally had to pry it open to clean the inside out. After I washed his foot with antibacterial soap and flushed it with peroxide I still had to take him in to the bathroom and use the high pressure setting on the shower head to get the dirt out of the wound. I was just going to use a q-tip, but I worried about pushing any gunk deeper and figured that it was going to hurt either way so I might as well use the quickest method. Poor guy took it like a champ, despite looking like he was about to pass out from the pain.

After I got it cleaned up I dried and bandaged it. He had to go to work today so I wanted him to have a little extra cushion. When he gets home I’ll take it off, clean it again and let it air out.

And the third. The little a/c in the back room finally crapped out. It won’t blow air at all anymore, yet if you turn it on it’ll ice up from the coolant. Awesome. If there was any way to morph the two crap a/c’s we have I’d have a pretty decent one !

I think we’ve had enough stupid shit happen to last us for awhile. Just the other day the bottom hinge on the back room door broke so now it’s sitting crooked until I can get replacement hinges. All this little stuff is adding up and not only freaking me out, but pissing me off. To top it off, my memory is shit lately and I didn’t realize until this morning that it’s my sisters birthday! I’m a terrible sister 😦 I need to give her a call this afternoon and wish her well.

This now ends our sporadically scheduled bitch session. Today’s bitch session is brought to you by the letters S, H, I and T. Thanks for tuning in!