Despite the heat (and the added humidity) I’ve been working diligently on my sweater and hope to have it finished today! I worked on the button band for about two hours last night and decided that an inch and a half of button band was plenty and two and a half inches would be too much. This was in part due to there being a ridiculous amount of stitches and in part due to it really did NOT need to be wider. The hood is already a little big on my teeny little freak head so I didn’t need it completely covering my face. Today I hope to get the sleeves and the side seams sewn and I should be pretty much finished. I’m not going to be wearing it for a few more months so I’m going to forgo the buttons for now. There’s no actual button holes on the button band, you crochet the loops on to one side, so it’ll look fine if I decide not to buttonize it. I can’t wait to finish it!

I stopped by the Dollar Tree again yesterday and picked up a bunch more journaling stuff. School stuff is now filling aisles so there’s all sorts of cute little things. I love going in there and spending a quarter of what I’d spend if I went to a scrapbook store and got the same exact things. If you’re at all familiar with that kind of stuff you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say 3-d dots. If not; they’re sticky little circles or squares that you put underneath your picture to raise it up and give it a 3-d effect on your page. Last time I bought some they were almost $4 and I found a package that was bigger at the Dollar Tree for a buck! LOVE that store like mad.

My camera has been really fickle as to what type of batteries it’s willing to let me use in it. I’m going to try and get a bunch of pictures tomorrow and post them, so be warned that I’m going to be dial-up unfriendly soon!