I finished my CPH yesterday afternoon!

cph finished

Because of the tweedy yarn it’s really hard to see the details so I tried to take a picture of it off of me to see if I could get it to show up more.


Overall I really like it, but there’s a few things I’m not really happy with (really, is there EVER not?!) Firstly, it’s huge. It’s way bigger than I actually need it to be. This is something that I seriously need to work on. I’m huge, but when I see a pattern I like, DESPITE IT BEING IN A SIZE THAT I KNOW WILL FIT because I’ve measured, I go up in pattern size because I’m convinced it’ll be too small. I have to stop doing this because it’s just as disappointing as it being too small. I also should have shortened the sleeves. A lot of pattern writers seem to think that fat = ape arms. The sleeves are about six inches too long. This isn’t as big of a deal to me as the overall size because I can give them a wide cuff by folding them up once and when it’s really cold out I can tuck my hands in to them. It’s just not something I’m completely thrilled with.

This was a bittersweet project. It was the first “real” sweater I’ve made for myself that I didn’t have to do the math to size up for myself. It’s the first time I haven’t completely rushed to finish so my seams are neat and the finishing isn’t sloppy. Bitter, because of the size. I’m really upset at myself for that and I’m especially pissed that I spent so much time on something that is probably going to wind up as an “around the house” sweater. It won’t do me any good to be upset about it though. It’s a good lesson for the next time I decide that I’m so fucking huge that I can’t possibly fit comfortably in anything but the largest pattern size of a design.

Moving on. Since I had my camera out I decided to get some pictures of some of the journal pages I’ve done lately.


Kind of a caricature of me right after I cut and dyed my hair.


An homage to the late, great George Carlin. His seven dirty works routine was my favorite.


An arty way of reminding myself to drink more water.


A mixed media page. I knit a fishie out of embroidery floss and added bubbles and a water stream to a decorators chalk and colored pencil background.


Another mixed page. An old print, metal findings, scrapbooking stickers, stamps and chalk.


My opinion of the days around here lately. Funnily enough, 105 hasn’t been our hottest day (109 was) and today it’s under 80 and been sprinkling all day.


After painting my Amanda Palmer shirt I had the stencil left over and decided to put it in my journal. It’s the name of the new album coming out by the singer of the Dresden Dolls in September.


Obviously, a fourth of July page.


The lyrics to Samson by Regina Spektor.


A test page for the new pens I got.


I was really pissed off when I did this page.


An unsent letter page.


A lovey dovey page about my husband.


One of my daily blurb pages. There’s a weeks worth or so smaller pages on the one page so I’m not filling the entire journal with every day blather.

Now that I’m finished with my sweater I feel a little lost. I have a love/hate relationship with finishing large projects because I never know what to work on next. I don’t start the Secret Of The Stole knit along until the 15th of August so I’ve got a little downtime ’til then. I wanted to work on something kind of small and mindless until then, but I bet that by the time I figure out what I want to do it’ll be time to start the stole!