I finished my swatch for the Secret Of The Stole III knit a long. The KAL (knit a long) doesn’t start with the real knitting until August 15th, but the leader of this KAL put up the swatching chart and the yarn/bead requirements so we could all decide what we were going to use and get an idea of what size needles we wanted to use.

The suggestion for yarn is something light colored, like white, pastel pink or blue. Not only do I not really care for light colors, but I don’t have any in my stash. I’m considering ordering a lighter color to do the stole in, but for now I used some rich coffee bean colored lace weight yarn with some ice blue beads.

sotsiii swatch

And a close up so you can see the beads better:

sotsiii swatch closeup

I’m not really sure how I feel about it. The yarn is okay, but being an acrylic/wool blend I’m really worried about the blocking qualities. Acrylic doesn’t really block and lace NEEDS to be blocked to really look fabulous. I love the color combo personally, but be honest…do the blue beads with the brown yarn look okay? I don’t want to knit something that people think looks like a hunk o’ poo covered in ice chips. I have some pink merino in my shopping cart over at Knitpicks but I was hoping to save a few bucks by using what I already had.  Luckily, if I decide to go that route, knitpicks has great prices and it’ll cost me less than $20 for the yarn and a new set of size 3 circulars.  Still pondering.