After sitting on that first swatch for a couple of days I decided I didn’t like it. I liked the color a lot, and I liked the beads a lot, but I didn’t like the way the yarn drew in on itself when I took the pins off it. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the four or so POUNDS of the stuff, but it won’t go towards something I’m going to hate because it won’t block properly. I also got a comment from DK, the one running the KAL and she mentioned the blocking issue as well and there was enough doubt in my mind about it that I completely scrapped it.

So; I dug to the very bottom of my stash and found a bag full of reclaimed yarn. The teal/green sweater that was in the stack from when I did the reclaiming yarn post was in neat little hanks in the bottom of the bag. I balled a hank up and set to work making another swatch.

swatch 2

I love this so much more.  The yarn is like buttah, if not a little delicate.  Knit up it’s strong, but I do have to take care when actually knitting it.  Luckily, spit splicing this yarn is the easiest thing ever.

I wasn’t sure about what color beads to use so I used five each of three different colors.  I started with some “oil slick” colored beads (I don’t really know what to call these things)  Then I did some pearly ones and then the ice blue again.  I think it’s obvious from the picture which I’ll be using.  The pearl ones pop out really well.  I wanted to go for something really sparkly, but I’m impatient and wanted to try stuff I already had.  I guess I could have waited and bought a bunch of tubes of various colors to “try”, but I’m feeling stingy with money right now.  I’ll buy a couple tubes of the pearl ones and call it good.

I’m happy with the color choice.  I wouldn’t mind if it were a little darker really.  I may wind up overdying it when the KAL is over.  It depends on what the finished stole looks like.  It’s a little brighter and teal-y in real life.