I always like to do bad news first. That way there’s something nice to look forward to after the bad stuff.

The bad news is that my yarn didn’t arrive yesterday.

The good news is that after I bummed around for awhile, I canceled the sweater I was planning to knit and picked three other projects to do for the Ravelympics. I chose a lace scarf (that I’m beading, because I really like beaded lace right now and I’m a masochist), a pair of cabled/lace socks, and a pair of lace fingerless gloves. I figured all three were small enough that together they’d be about as much work as a sweater. I’m using yarn I already have.

I’m betting that my yarn with arrive this afternoon. That’s just the way things work. If not, no biggie because I’ve already got started on two of my three projects. I’m still a little bummed, but I’m chugging along.

I didn’t start at 5 am like I could have, but I did get a decently early start. My mil came over and made me ride with her to a yard sale, but other than that I’ve had pretty much unlimited knitting time all day.

I hope I can finish all this in time. I’m feeling optimistic.