I’m really, really glad I didn’t wait for my yarn. According to my tracking number it’s STILL in frackin’ Phoenix. It’s been there for five days!

Ahem…moving on.

I took a few progress pics a bit ago and thought I’d post. My camera is decidely a picky bitch and only likes expensive batteries. I finally got it to work by tricking it. I used a cheap Eveready (which is the only brand of new batteries I have right now) and an old Duracell. It worked for approximately 7 minutes.

First; the Anya scarf:

anya progress

See the look of excitement on my face? Heh. I was up to the point in the picture when I got in a bit of a tiff with the Mister and dropped about five stitches. As anyone who has knit lace can attest, picking up lace stitches is near impossible. If I’d have been smart, I would have put lifelines in so I wouldn’t have had to pull everything out, but I’m not. Therefore, I ripped all that work out and started over this morning. It took me five hours to get back to the exact.same.place. I was when I ripped back. The good to come out of this though is that I changed the beads to gold and they pop out more and I’m being a lot more careful about my place in the pattern.

The Breeze socks:

breeze progress

My mother in law saw the pattern right before I started and really liked them. Her birthday is tomorrow so I thought I’d knit these for her as a late birthday gift. She’s got tiny feet, so that’s a bonus. I won’t have them finished in time to give them to her ON her birthday, but maybe a few days later. Maybe…

And the Merletto mitts:

merletto progress

I had to rip these back too. I started with a super soft, fluffy pink cashmere, but it was too delicate and thin for mitts. I changed over to black sock yarn, and while it’s knitting up well, it’s REALLY hard to see. We’ll see if these are continued or started over in yet another yarn.

So that’s my progress. Three days in and I’m feeling a little stressed about whether I’ll be able to finish that scarf in time. It’s only 51 stitches across, but it’s a doozy of a pattern with the beads added in. I’ll get in to a rhythm and then I have to stop to place a bead. If I can manage to finish it though, it’s going to be fabulous.

P.S…thank deity that WordPress actually saved my progress…Firefox crapped out and I had to close. Phew.