My sleeping has been erratic for a long time, but more so lately. On the nights that I get to sleep at a reasonable time, I’m usually awake before 4 am. This was the case this morning. I went to bed around 11:30 and awoke at 3:00 on the dot. I got up, had some coffee and played a few games of solitaire. When Paul woke up I made more coffee and turned on a few lights.

Normal morning fare.

Except not. Paul tends to leave the door open when he goes out to start the car, and closes it upon entering again. Sometime in the two or so minutes that he was outside, one of the dogs brought in something that looked like mud.

Only it wasn’t mud.

It was only after I’d picked most of it OFF THE BED and swiped the smaller bits off the sheets with my left hand that I smelled the unmistakable smell of cat poop.

This morning will be full of sheet and blanket washing and carpet recon. This is bad enough on it’s own, but to add insult to injury, I’d just washed both comforters day before yesterday.